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6 Best Tips to Get Free RP in BGMI v1.8 2022

BGMI launched in India in July after its launching it has gotten huge popularity all around the country. When BGMI launched many YouTubers and live streamers thrilled the game. Many pages promoted the game by free rewards and UC. There three types of players of BGMI. These are some players who purchase BGMI Royale Pass (RP are of two types Elite Royale Pass and Elite Royale Pass Plus).

Youtubers and other streamers to promote their channel and earn money through BGMI. Other players are classic players who play this game for fun and enjoy free rewards. Third type of players are those who play the free version of BGMI without any rewards and UCs in the game. This article is specially for third type of players of BGMI. This article is about some important 6 tips to level up RP in BGMI and to get free rewards in the game.

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6 Amazing Tips to Get Free RP in BGMI 2022

Here some 5 amazing tips of 2022 to get maximum free Royale Pass in BGMI v1.8. Follow the points below, if you want to get many free RP in PUBG:

Complete Daily Missions of BGMI

BGMI gives you missions on daily basis. If you play BGMI daily, then this is a golden chance for you to get free RP by completing daily missions provided by BGMI. It is probably one of the easiest methods to get free RP in BGMI.

When you complete your daily missions at the same time, it also increases the seasonal activity points of your profile. So, by boosting the daily activity and seasonal activity points in BGMI, you can level up the ranks of free RP in BGMI. Keep growing your profile in BGMI to get these unlimited rewards and RP.

By Opening Crates

When any player opens a crate either a classic crate or premium the chance of ranking in Royale Pass level increases. So, when you open a classic crate or premium crate, you get 10 RP points in BGMI at each opening of a crate. Similarly, you also have option to open a bundle of crates (a bundle is consisted of 10 crates), at each bundle you will be awarded with 100 RP points, which are equivalent to 1 RP Level.

Both these crates (classic or premium) can be obtained free in BGMI. You can achieve these crates, by exchanging silver fragments for scraps of the crate coupons. So, this option is really amazing for you get free Royale Pass in Battleground Mobile India.

Complete Weekly RP Missions

As we all know that BGMI gives weekly RP missions to level up ranking of players in BGMI. You should take part in such missions of BGMI to increase RP points in BGMI and to level up in the RP ranking of BGMI.

Complete Weekly RP Missions

Every week BGMI launches two types of RP mission one is paid which is specially for those who have purchased either Elite Royale Pass or Elite Royale Pass Plus. At the same time, BGMI also launches couple of free Royale Pass missions per week. It means that, if you participate weekly in free RP Missions of BGMI. You can level up to two level in RP Rankings of BGMI and can get free rewards as a return.

Get Royale Pass Missions Card from Events

There are certain events that come in BGMI for very short period of time. Such events help BGMI players to get free Royale Pass Rewards at that specific occasion in BGMI. BGMI players can trade those free events reward points or token for free RP Missions card or 100 RP free tokens.

100 RP Points Token can level up to one in RP Ranking of BGMI v1.8 2022. While, other RP Missions Cards that you get from event Royale rewards can give you a chance to skip daily or weekly missions of BGMI.

Try to Get Royale Pass Respect Points in BGMI

Every BGMI player who play game for free and want to level up in BGMI. He can improve his level in BGMI by getting RP points while asking friends (Who have purchased RP) for respect points in a classic match. These RP Respect points have daily limit, each player of BGMI can get max. 2 RP Respect points from his friend in classic mode of match in each Battleground Mobile India.

Try to Get Royale Pass Respect Points in BGMI

Mostly Play Classic Maps

To get free RP in BGMI focus on playing classic maps. These maps have classic maps which require to complete matches and missions through several ways. Moreover, players can easily finish the missions and they can play with their friends in these maps. This a good way to share things and your strategies with your friends.

This method also works well to get early 50 RP Points in 1 season. Players can complete their BGMI weekly missions without any fierce competition in the game. I think this method is 100% working for all BGMI players, who want to earn free RP points in BGMI in no time.


BGMI is a game where different players participate and fight against each other at specific map. This article is about free RP (Royale Pass) in BGMI. BGMI launches different events and offer missions to get free RP in it. We have shared some 6 tips of BGMI version v1.8 2022 to get free RP points in BGMI. Read the above article, if you’re interested to earn free RP in BGMI.

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This is all about the 2022 tips and tricks of BGMI to get free RP in BGMI version v1.8. We provide all information and hacks of BGMI. If you have any query related to the BGMI let us know in comments we’ll responds ASAP! Thank You

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