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Swiss cook up world’s largest potato fritter

The world’s biggest rosti – the customary Swiss potato squander – was seared up in Bern yesterday, breaking the past record, the Swiss rancher’s association (USP) said.

USP president Markus Ritter announced a new rosti record of 13.7 m², which successfully beat the one set in 1994 in Thun in Switzerland, when a waste of 3 m² was made. The organization, which is celebrating its 125th anniversary, made the bag in the official courtyard in front of the Swiss government and parliament, which resembled a large cross placed on a large red carpet. like the Swiss flag.

Once cooked, the goliath’s lost followers are distributed to the large crowd that has gathered to watch the action. – Promotion

Promotion from

Although an important dish in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, rosti has grown to be considered a social dish.

He even gave his name to the deep social divide that seems to divide the German-speaking and the French-speaking Swiss – “Rostigraben” – which will often appear after the Swiss head in the elections. In an exemplary project to overcome this division, yesterday’s potatoes are collected from every region in Switzerland, USP said.

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