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PUBG to BGMI Data Sharing 2022: How to Transfer PUBG Global Account to Indian Version (BGMI)

Hey guys! I’m here for you again with my latest updates for you about BGMI and PUBG Global. How to share/transfer PUBG account from Android to Android. It’s a vital post for all the Battlegrounds Mobile India lovers who have been playing PUBG Global previously.

You are going to know complete knowledge about How to transfer PUBG Global account to Indian Version name BGMI. Krafton’s upgraded and special edition of BGMI for the Indians was launched in 2nd July, 2021 for online downloading.

Now let’s come with the basic information about data transfer from PUBG Global to newly launched BGMI in India. Then the answer for you is YES. You can do this data transfer but it has some limited time period offers for you. Company has already acknowledged the PUBG Lite players that Battle ground Mobile India Data Transfer from PUBG Global is possible.

This article is highly informational for you. So follow me throughout till ending word. You are going to find latest updates of New BGMI App release. The method to install it in your android and iOS devices. BGMI Beta Tester version is new thing for you to know. You can enjoy it after getting it on your android or iOS devices.

You are going to be the king to know all knowledge. Also that how you can do PUBG to PUBG Mobile India iOS and Android data transfer easily. There is some sort of limits for data transfer and you will know all about that in my post. Easy methods for data transfer and all about you want to know. These can be the rewards which you can avail while this transferring procedure will be guided to you.

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Who Can Transfer PUBG Global Account Data to BGMI

Yes, it’s a question from all the PUBG Global players to that that can transfer his/her PUBG game account data to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Meanwhile they also want to find the answer of their question that how to transfer this data as quick as they can.

Since the company has launched this BGMI game for the Indians, Krafton’s has promised to all that they will get facility for data transfer. The players who have been using their PUBG account login accounts through their Social Media networks IDs like Facebook as well as Twitter can do transfer or share accounts data.


These players also have been rewarded some sort of in game facilities while transferring accounts data. These facilities are intra game currency like UC and the skins for vehicles and weapons. So, they got good bonus to jump on BGMI android app like in-game rewards and BGMI UC.

Time Limit for Data Transfer from PUBG to BGMI

There are many rumors travelling around regarding this data transfer. Some well organized online platforms for PUBG are quoting this transferring account data date which is 9th of July 2021. But this data transfer is still working for all till now.

Company has not announced officially any date yet PUBG Mobile India Release Date 2021. The latest update for its transfer has been till 31 Dec 2021. But till now you can do transfer of account and Login in PUBG Mobile Free Account quickly and get on Indian version of PUBG (BGMI) right now.

Who Has Data Sharing Prohibition for PUBG Global Accounts

This has been noticed that some players are not allowed to share their accounts data from PUBG to BGMI. Those players who are using their login ID after installation Google Play Login are not eligible to transfer PUBG game data to BGMI.

It’s happened only because of Google non support behavior for the browsers which were embedded one. So if you are trying to sign in to these IDs and doing efforts to transfer data then don’t waste your time to do so. Suggestion for you is to make new IDs to join newly launched BGMI, PUBG Mobile India.

The Easiest Method to Transfer PUBG Account to BGMI

Your first and foremost target should be to know all what you are doing for transfer account data. During data transfer from tap tap PUBG and BGMI Mobile (global) then you must acknowledge yourself for how to link PUBG with Twitter and Facebook.

Now go for process to link your PUBG global account with your twitter account. During this session you may face errors too. If you find any error while doing transfer data then you may use VPN technique too for successful completion of your task.

Transfer data from PUBG to BGMI

However if you have your account linked with Facebook account then you must know to how to link PUBG with facebook & how to unlink twitter from PUBG. Now go for unlink your Facebook account which is connected to PUBG Global account and then start data transfer from PUBG Global to your Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Read carefully all the instructions which I mentioned in above paragraph. I tried my best to sort out simply. Furthermore I’m going to deliver all above in simple detailed numbers in below section. Follow these steps carefully to start your PUBG Global Account data transfer to BGMI in easiest way;

  1. Install fresh BGMI app on your android or iOS device.
  2. Simply tap to open your BGMI installed app through your social media account which is already in use for PUBG Global game app working in your device.
  3. After opening your newly installed BGMI app, there you go on an option Account Data Transfer Privacy and Social Section. Tap it to go another option “Yes” on your screen page.
  4. Here you will be asked for permission to transfer data into new application.
  5. Simply click on option “YES” and continue to start data transfer.
  6. Following this step go for further process to know all the terms and conditions.
  7. Following all above steps carefully now login your twitter or facebook account which you are using in your PUBG Free Account.
  8. This account login which you have already linked to PUBG Mobile (Profile) Account Login will follow your data transfer to New BGMI account successfully.
  9. When you complete all above steps then it will require 24 to 48 hours time duration to transfer online data.
  10. During this time duration don’t try to login your BGMI Account repeatedly as it can follow your account to be banned or data transfer issues.
  11. After data transfer successfully you will set your in-game name and profile

What Data Will Be Transferred from PUBG Global to BGMI (Indian Mobile PUBG)

Yes, it has been the most frequently asked question from all the BGMI lovers that what kind of data they will be availed from their PUBG Global accounts. All the youngsters were anxious to know some sort of clear information from social media and many other organization platforms.

I have started my research to accomplish all of the knowledge regarding data transfer from different setups in my article for your convenience to find all what your want simply. Battlegrounds Mobile India has officially told its users that what they will get during account data transfers.

 I’m enlisting those ingredients in simple manner for your ease to understand. So follow me here below;

  1. Complete game resources like Gun Skins, Weapon Skins and the in-game currency UC.
  2. Whole character information which is present in your PUBG account.
  3. Full settings you have in PUBG.
  4. RP Passes data
  5. All the basic setups of your PUBG Global Game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Officially given time span for the successful data transfer is 24 to 72 hours. However in most of the cases it takes less than 24 hours.

Ans: Last date for data transfer PUBG to BGMI account was till 31st of Dec 2021. After this, there isn’t any information for extending date to transfer data.

Ans: No, all PUBG players can’t do data transfer to BGMI. It’s the case for those PUBG players who have their facebook or twitter social media accounts linked to PUBG Global account.

Ans: Yes, it might be possible but till now there isn’t any update regarding this question. It’s up to the developers either they allow it again to share data or not.

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