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Oven-fresh treats to warm your heart at VCR Bakehouse

Although it was a weekday morning, VCR Bakehouse was full of customers enjoying a cup of tea, cake and breakfast. Walking around the base, it’s hard to see how beautiful the place is, especially with the greenery surrounding it. However, it is the glass counter displaying the freshly prepared and delicious variety that is enthusiastically ignored – or rejected. Overall, the fourth part of the VCR Gathering – when VCR Galloway is in Pudu, VCR Bangsar and VCR Stacks – looks like a great place “We really wanted to open a pastry shop in Sentul, but the bad disease cut short our plans “, said Ivan Koh. , a chef and member of the VCR Gathering, told FMT, adding that a team has entered Copenhagen in 2019 to inspire the new kitchen. Despite the failure, they focused on the business, and in August 2020 opened VCR Stacks at Shoplex in Mont Kiara – an outlet focusing on sandwiches and espresso.
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“Individuals say we are very good at doing this during this pandemic,” Koh said. By the way, the bet paid off because the sandwiches from VCR Stacks started gaining popularity and thus strengthened their brand. Next, they checked out a package deal at Shoplex. “That way, we decided to take it and open a bakery,” he said, which is how the VCR Bakehouse was conceived. The cooking, with the idea of ​​an outdoor party, was planned by the Wünderwall regional team. Koh felt that they had done a good job of realizing the idea of ​​stumbling upon Copenhagen in terms of the look and feel of the place. Despite his success, according to Koh, the representatives are the first. “The moment we make our team happy, they will treat our customers well. That’s why we strive to challenge ourselves with new projects, because it also gives our team a chance to grow.

Various hot products

There are 20 different types of baked goods at VCR Bakehouse – the staff arrives as early as five in the morning to start baking! Kouign-Amann is a practical tool. This bakery product of choice is made using a nutritious mixture – a sheet of flour spread by Isigny de France – and sprinkled with sugar. The cake is rich, bright and shiny, making it the perfect companion to a hot cup of espresso.

On the other hand, if you are more daring, Matcha Kouign-Amann, which is fragrant and green tea type, is worth trying. , strong and rich inside, it is difficult to stop only one. It was also done in Isigny media, not surprisingly they are the same company.

Then, at that time, there was the Banoffee croissant, a sweet and savory treat that is served with a filling of banana cream – like custard – in a fresh croissant. It is topped with whipped cream, chocolate chips and banana slices.

A wonderful mix of sweet and savory, these delicious and decadent products include almond croissants, sweet rolls, apple strudel, pumpkin fruit and carrot cake. Breakfast at the bakery

Among VCR Bakehouse’s most popular breakfast menu options is the House Gravlax Bagel, which includes homemade gravlax (recovered salmon).

The combination of tangy getaways, onions, dill and chive cream cheddar in the fresh bag is delicious, while the tomatoes – from the nearby Cultiveat metro – are sweet and juicy. These baked goods are only available throughout July as month-to-month specials – so don’t miss out!

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