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One brand is turning sushi into sneakers

From the garbage bin to your closet! Design is determined to decrease its effect on the climate by making a genuinely new thing out of something old – and it’s working!

Trash, unsold items, torn clothes, cigarette packs, tires, tires and even fish are all natural materials used to make your cover. But there is no denying that our waste materials can be given a second life instead of going into the landfill.

A brand called O.T.A. Paris – for On The Black-top – has been solving the problem for some time now by offering fixed tennis shoes, and at least some of the materials used do things, like tires. -Business

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And now, the brand is pushing things further by launching a coordinated effort in the Sushi Shop network.

While tucking into a bowl of maki rolls and sashimi may make your mouth water, imagining them in your sneakers can be a bit of a no-brainer. But, this company is figuring out how to do that… and in style!

The Sansaho Maki Salmon Unisex Release Shoes are not made entirely from salmon, but feature a label made from recycled salmon skin.

A subsequent organization made this possible, this time with a French tannery, which transforms fish skins saved from a Sushi Shop restaurant in Lyon into leather. this is amazing. It’s a way to reduce waste without using new materials – who could want anything else?

Coming in a variety of sizes, priced at €145, these shoes are made from Italian cowhide, with flexible tires, and regular cotton filament, as determined by O.T.A. and the brand’s online store. In addition, it is not the main brand to enter the new junk upcycling vision in the fashion industry.

French designer Eugène Ricaanneaus made tennis shoes from sea trash – more precisely, fishing nets, fishing nets and green grass. This desire is joined by many others who want to make design more manageable in the environment as an industry where promotion has a rightful place.

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