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GFX Tool Pros APK Download for BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) 2022

Battlegrounds Mobile India is an Indian PUBG version which is specially developed for the Indians. As the game is getting popularity the people are downloading this game at huge rate as compared to the last year. Set yourself in the virtual world of BGMI and attend the events of BGMI to win different gifts and premium features.

As this game so popular among Indian so, players want to enjoy each and every feature of this game for this today’s article about the GFX Tool Pro for BGMI and PUBG. This tool helps you to run android apps and games smoothly and when you play BGMI with low end device it causes heating issue GFX Tool Pro for BGMI will protect your phone from such heating issues.

If you use this GFX Tool for BGMI you can Enable 60 FPS, 90 FPS Graphics and run the game smoothly on low end devices without any lagging and heating issues in the game. This tool is amazing for all new android apps it gives you extra features and assist you in the battlefield of PUBG India.

Welcome to kepalabergetarlive.org we are here to give you latest information and hacks of BGMI and PUBG. Let’s continue our main topic of the day that How can you use GFX Tool Pro APK for BGMI and PUBG.

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What is GFX Tool Pro for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)?

As we all know that BGMI is a Royale Battle Game where people combat strategies to compete with each other. To compete with enemies your device speed and specs play very important role. In India mostly BGMI lovers have low end devices and they cannot compete easily with their competitors.

GFX tool will optimize the android device and it will protect the device from all problems that decrease the efficiency of the device. It will give enough optimization to compete with enemies who are playing with high specs devices. Just use this amazing tool compete with your enemies and win a chicken dinner in BGMI.

GFX Pro APK for BGMI 2022

GFX Tool Pro is used for BGMI, it increases the FPS (Frame Per Rate) and in this way helps your device to run smoothly. It explores the potential of the device to run the PUBG game smoothly. Moreover, it enables your device to become optimize to run the BGMI. In other words, it enhances the hidden potential of the device to run BGMI fast.

GFX Pro Tool is a paid tool and it is highly demanded tool on the Google Play Store and it has almost more 10K active users.

Why GFX Pro Tool?

Krafton has launched the v1.8 2022 version of BGMI APK. It has a lot of features and that is why it is heavy game for low specs devices. While playing the BGMI it lags and causes the heating issues in mobile. To overcome such heating issues and lagging problems you should must use this GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile India. Moreover, this tool decreases lags, provide iPad view and at the same time it increases the graphics of device.

Although this GFX Tool Pro APK is a paid tool but we’re providing this tool you absolutely free. You can download this GFX Tool Pro MOD APK from our website free of cost. You can use this tool in the all versions of BGMI. It is completely suitable for all version of PUBG.

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Features of GFX Tool Pro:

This tool is amazing and it has a lot feature that will be discussed here.

Customization of Graphics in BGMI

You can customize the graphics by using this BGMI GFX Tool. It gives you opportunity to customize the game according t your choice. With each new and exciting game, you can customize the game.

Automatic Customization Feature

This application also gives you an option of auto customization. You just need to outline the requirements, it will automatically customize the app. In this way it will boost the device for better gaming experience.

Auto Clean

This tool will auto clean the BGMI extra files to do your device in optimum state. It also gives you option for manually cleaning the app and you can select the files that you consider extra in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Gameplay Smooth

GFX Pro APK tool is best for optimizing the low-end devices. When you will use this tool, it will help you for better Gameplay. As it optimizes the android device and increase the speed of device it will help the device to perform at optimum rate.

Additional Features of GFX Pro Tool

  • It will provide you the potato and iPad view free of cost
  • You can also unlock the FPS and UHD graphics through its free version
  • It will reduce the heating issue of device
  • This tool will boost the battery timing of your Android device through this you can use mobile phone for long time to play BGMI.
  • Low end device can access the different HDR graphics
  • It’s setting options can make your device to run the BGMI without any lag.
  • It is absolutely free to download and install
  • High quality graphic even at HD or 4K level
  • The navigation of this tool is very easy
  • No ads and banners

GFX Tool Pro MOD APK Download for BGMI

This tool works to boost the performance of low-end device. As the BGMI is heavy game and consisted of high-quality graphics. It lags on such devices having low specs. To overcome such lagging and heating issues you must use this tool. If you are facing lagging issues and you have never used this tool before then use it as soon as possible, because you will feel the difference after the installation of this tool.

Best GFX tool for Game

This tool works to boost the performance of low-end device. As the BGMI is heavy game and consisted of high-quality graphics. It lags on such devices having low specs. To overcome such lagging and heating issues you must use this tool. If you are facing lagging issues and you have never used this tool before then use it as soon as possible, because you will feel the difference after the installation of this tool.
The downloading process of this tool is very simple and easy you just have to visit Google Play Store from where you can download this tool.

BGMI and GFX Tool

Both these two apps work together on your Android device. As we all know that BGMI is Royale Battle game in which all players take part and select a map to land from a plane. After that they all compete with each other. BGMI works fine on high specs devices at low specs devices BGMI lags.

Here some minimum requirements to run BGMI on Android device:

File Size735 MB
SupportsAndroid 5.0 & Up
UpdatedFeb 2022

GFX Tool is also a app that work on android device. This tool works fine on android device having low specs and features. This tool boost the capacity of any device to work at optimum level. As BGMI is a heavy game you should go with this GFX Tool if you have low specs android device.

How to Install GFX Tool for BGMI APK 1.8

  • Enable the install option from “unknown sources” as third-party apps need this option. If you don’t know how to enable then go to setting > security > privacy enable it. It is necessary to enable because Android Apps from third-party need enable this option.
  • Now install the apk that you have downloaded from website and make changes in it according the need.
  • Then Click “Apply” button and run the BGMI APK.

These are some steps that you have to follow to download and install the GFX Pro Tool for BGMI APK game. The downloading process of this tool is very easy and it is straight forward.

1-Download the GFX Pro Tool

This is a very first step you just have to download the GFX Tool from the link given below. Click on the download button provided below.

2-Enable Install from “Unknown Sources” from Setting

The second option is you have to enable the install option in the android setting. It should be enabled for all apps that you download from the third-party sources.

3-Install the GFX Pro Tool on Your Device

When you have enabled the option install from unknown sources, now install the APK file into your device.

4-Configure the Setting

Click and open the GFX Tool and config the setting of graphics in the tool.  i.e., 60 FPS Settings, Extreme, etc. Now click on the “Apply” option and run your game.

Once you completed the all steps mentioned above congratulations you have successfully installed the GFX Tool for BGMI.

Note: 60/90 may not show up there in the setting but you will feel while your gameplay. Because with the recent update of game v1.8.0 2022 developer has limited the access of graphics setting in the Public File.

What are the Pros and Cons of GFX Tool for BGMI?


  • The third-party apps you can download directly without any delay. It gives option to have archives of every app and you can use them according to your need.
  • Unlike the play store the download is instant and you don’t need to wait for downloading as in case of Google Play Store.
  • When you download any APK file it remains in your computer and you can uninstall and reinstall any time you want.
  • These files give you extra benefits and features that you cannot get from Google Play Store Apps.
  • You get premium features from such mod apps. These features are just paid that you get free from these websites.


  • The apps you download from third party sources are not secured because these apps are not checked by Google and can harm your mobile.
  • Some APK files may contain some viruses and can steal the data from your mobile phone.
  • Google does not check such apps that you download from third party websites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We at our website always focus the security of apps. The apps that you download from our website are checked from Google Play Store and cached on our server. We always give you 100% secure apps. You don’t need to worry about the security of apps that you download from our website.

Yes, you can use extreme option even if you have low end that does not support extreme option but with GFX Tool Pro you can use this option.

Absolutely not, it is a legal tool through which you can make your gaming experience better.

Yes, it is legal it does not harm your account you can go with this to make gaming experience better.

When you download applications from third party websites other than Google Play Store it required enable option from “unknown sources”.

It is completely safe to download GFX Tool from our website. It is same as provided by Google Play Store but the tool that you will get from our website will have more functions and qualities.

Yeah! it can be shared via WhatsApp and Telegram.

Keep monitoring our website we provide all updates and information related to the BGMI. We will update the existing file of GFX Tool when new file will be updated. Stay connected with us.

Yeah! it is our first priority all the hacks that you receive from our website we keep confidential. We always try to give you 100% privacy policy. Don’t need to worry about that the apps that you get from our website are virus free.

The developers use some tricks and they try to make premium APK files into MOD version. They provide all premium Apps absolutely free to their users. It is same as APK file but some codes change.

When you download this GFX Tool it optimize the device to next level. You need minimum 400kpbs to run BGMI smoothly. Due to high graphics and maps it lags on low specs devices.


BGMI is updated to the v1.8.0 and it is Royale Battle game where multiplayer combat with each other and win a chicken dinner at the end. This game requires high specs for better gaming experience. In India many people who love BGMI don’t have high specs devices. They have low end devices that lags while playing BGMI. For those people this GFX Tool Pro APK for BGMI is best one download it now. This tool optimizes the device for better gaming experience provide you iPad View. Although this tool is paid but we are providing this MOD APK tool to you free of cost at our website just download from the given link above.

Download this amazing tool to improve the performance, graphics and heating issue of android devices. This tool will provide you the best optimum output to get results at maximum. The download link of this tool is provided at the start of this article, Just click on “download GFX Pro APK”.

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This is all about How you can download paid tool GFX Pro APK on android device for BGMI and PUBG. If you have any query let us know in comments and keep visiting our website for latest BGMI updates Thank You.

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