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How to Get Royale Pass in BGMI v1.8 2022 (PUBG Mobile India) (Purchase UCs)

Battleground Mobile India is a native version of Royale Battle Game called PUBG which is playing all over the world. BGMI is developed for Indian players only after the ban of PUBG in India. When Government saw affections of people with PUBG, they decided to launch official Indian version of PUBG Called BGMI. Krafon launched this PUBG Mobile India.

This game is developed for Android and iOS devices and it works on the basis of currency known as UC in BGMI. Players can get premium outfits, skins and other outfits with the help of Elite Royale Pass. This article contains all information about How to get RP in BGMI.

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How to Purchase UC in Battleground Mobile India?

As we already told you that BGMI offers money called UC (Unknown Cash) to its players for different purposes like premium skins, Elite Royale Pass, Vehicle Skins and Weapons Skins.

How to Purchase UC in Battleground Mobile India?

Follow the steps about how to buy UC in BGMI:

  • Click on the + icon present at the top right of BGMI dashboard where UC is written
  • A new page will open containing, different packages of UC
  • Choose any one pack of them and the click on the selected pack
  • Now, its time to pay BGMI for UC pack, add your bank account card either credit or debit and make payment.
  • At the end, when you have cleared the payment of your UC order a message with “Payment Successful” will appear. The UCs will be added to your BGMI account.

How to Buy Royale Pass in BGMI v1.8 2022?

Once you have purchased UC in BGMI, the next step is to buy Royale Pass in BGMI.

You can get RP in BGMI by two methods

  • Paid
  • Free

If you want to get Royale Pass free for BGMI then, we have provided you a separate article about that the link is given below:

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Follow the steps below to know about How to Get RP in BGMI with UCs:

  • Click and go to Royale Pass section, which is present at the top right corner of BGMI Lobby.
  • Now, just click on it and player will be taken to the Royale Pass section of BGMI.
  • Just Click on the “Upgrade Button” present at the bottom of game BGMI.
  • You will get in front of you two different types of Royale Pass “Elite Royale Pass” and Elite Royale Plus Pass”.
  • You can choose any pass from these two passes according to your own choice.
  • When you will choose one pass then you have to spend your UCs to buy that pass.

When you will select any of the passes provided above a new option will appear containing “Purchase Elite Pass” at that time you just have to click on “Ok” to upgrade your Elite Pass to Elite Plus Pass. After doing this, all rewards will unlock for you having different options like skins, weapons skins and outfits.

This method also works for upgrading any player rank in BGMI. But to do this it requires lot of UCs for example upgrading 1 rank in BGMI costs for 100 UC.


Battleground Mobile India is launched in India after the ban PUBG in India. It also works at the same algorithm of PUBG. It has its own currency called UC (Unknown Cash). You can Royale Pass in BGMI by spending this currency UC in BGMI to unlock various rewards. After purchasing Elite Royale Pass in BGMI you’ll get premium outfits, weapons skins and many more. If you want to know How to Purchase Royale Pass in BGMI with UC then read the article above.

This all about the How to Get RP in BGMI v1.8 2022. We provide all information related to this game (BGMI), if you have any question related to this game let us know in comments Thank You.

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