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How to Get Overachiever Title in BGMI v1.8 2022

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a famous multiplayer Royale Battle game that came in India after the ban of PUBG. In this game multiplayer take part and combat strategies against each other the final winner enjoys the Chicken Dinner. This PUBG Mobile India has different titles like PUBG Global.

Welcome to kepalabergetalive.org this article specially about easiest title of BGMI known as Overachiever. A newbie can achieve this title after 2 months play time. This is the title that every player brags in front of his friends. To get this title you need to achieve about 2600 achievement points in BGMI by completing various tasks assign in Battleground Mobile India.

We provide all information related to BGMI on our website in this article we will give you information about you can achieve Overachiever Title in BGMI with some tricks 2022.

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How to Get BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) Overachiever Title?

If you are a real lover of BGMI then read this article to achieve this title. Follow the steps below:

Overachiever Title in BGMI

  • Download the PUBG Mobile India (BGMI)
  • Open the Game on your mobile phone and login to your account.
  • At the bottom of lobby Mission Section is present tap on it.
  • Now from Mission Section go into Achievements Section.
  • Click on Glorious Moments in Achievement Section.
  • In this Glorious Moments you can get your Overachiever Title in BGMI.
  • To get this title you should must have almost 2500 achievements points.

Requirements For Overachiever Title in BGMI

These are the two main requirements that you should must gain to get this title:

  • You should have 2600 achievements points
  • Platinum Tier is must in Solo Classic Match or Squad to get Overachiever Title in BGMI.

So, these are some guidelines that you should must follow to achieve this title in PUBG.

Video Details to Achieve Overachiever Title

Tips to Get Overachiever Title Fast in PUBG Mobile

You want to achieve this title in less time then follow these tips by team kepalabergetarlive.org

  • Open the Achievement Section and try to complete easiest mission from that section.
  • Play each mode of this game BGMI including (Arcade, TDM and Classic) and don’t stick yourself to single mode.
  • Buy Royale Pass to get more achievements points in BGMI.

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Hopefully this article is beneficial for you to understand How you can get Overachiever Title in Battleground Mobile India for any query let us know in comments Thank You.

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