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How to Get Free UC in BGMI 2022 Tricks

BGMI is a Royale Battle game that works only in India. It has a lot of features and items while playing this game you feel like in a virtual earth. It has its own currency call UC (Unknown Cash). These UCs are necessary for buying Avatar (Character in BGMI), skins and premium shirts. So, this currency players use everywhere to make more fun in the Battle Field.

If you want to get free UC in BGMI and PUBG then this article is for you. There are many ways through which you can get UC in BGMI. We have posted another article How to purchase UC in Cheap price but this article is about How you can get UCs in these two games free of cost. Read this article from start to end to know the tricks of 2022 to earn UCs in BGMI.

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How to Get Free UC in BGMI 2022

To get UC in BGMI free is not an easy task but if you’re interested in this game and you want to get free UC then read the tricks that work in 2022. There are lots of apps available on Google Play Store that rewards Google currency through which you can earn free UC in BGMI.

Here are some of apps through which you can get Google Currency and then can get free UC in Battleground Mobile India:

Google Opinion Rewards App

This is an amazing app that is free of risk. It is developed by Top Technology companies. You just have to download this amazing app and then you have to complete some surveys. It will reward in the form of Google Play credits or balance. Google Play balance helps you to get various apps and services from Google Play Store, at the same time it gives you opportunity to get free UC in BGMI and PUBG.

If you wish to get free UC in BGMI by using Google Play Credits, you have to click on the specific item in BGMI, that you want to purchase and then select the payment method as Google Play. So, this is a safe and 100% working trick to earn UC in PUBG Mobile India (BGMI).

Participate in Giveaways

This is another method to earn unknown cash in BGMI and PUBG. As we know that in 2022 there are lots of youtubers and streamers that giveaway free UC to their fans and subscribers. Some pages also Giveaways UC to their users. You just have to participate in the contests arranged by youtubers and pages as a result you will be rewarded with the fee UC.

Youtubers want to grow their channels and similarly there are several pages that want to engage their audience. You should use YouTube to get free UC in BGMI. Enjoy some contests and earn UC at the same time. It is the second most working trick of 2022 to get free UC in BGMI.

Poll Pay Application

Poll Pay is second app that works on the method of Google Play. All you need to complete some tasks in Polly Pay App and solve some quizzes to get money this app. When you have gotten enough money you can transfer it to the Google Play. As a result, your Google Play Balance will increase and now, you can use this balance to get UC in BGMI and PUBG.

Note: Polly Pay is absolutely safe to use and it can be reliable option just like Google Play to get UC in BGMI.

Tournaments and Rooms

It is an important method to get UC in BGMI because it is related to the BGMI. Many YouTubers and streamers have their custom rooms where they stream BGMI and give many rewards to their audience. It includes BGMI UC, Royale Passes and many more. You can take part in such rooms and tournaments and can get free UC for PUBG and BGMI.

Note: It is important to take parts in such tournaments, because it will help you boost your fighting skills in BGMI. At the same time, it will give you free UC.

Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards can also be used for virtual currency in BGMI. If you’re an Amazon lover, then you can get Amazon gifts by completing some tasks on different websites. After that you can use those gifts for free UC in BGMI. You will be able to exchange that gift with the Google Play and Poll Pay currency your balance of Google Play will increase. You can use that Google Play Balance for Free UC in BGMI and PUBG Global.

How to Purchase UC in BGMI Using Google Play

  • First you have to download the BGMI and launch it on smartphone.
  • Open the homepage, choose the UC option that comes with “+” sign.
How to Purchase UC in BGMI
  • Open the homepage, choose the UC option that comes with “+” sign.
  • Select the list of UCs that you want to purchase
  • When you will click on that list it will give you to the payment page.
  • Here you can see Google Play option
  • Tap on the continue payment process
Open the homepage, choose the UC option that comes with “+” sign.
  • After doing all the mentioned steps above the process will be completed and the UCs will be transferred to your BGMI account.


BGMI is a most famous game in India. To get premium features in BGMI like Avatar, skins and premium stuffs you need UC (Unknown Cash) in BGMI. BGMI gives you option to get UC with money in its store you can buy cheap UC in BGMI. But if you don’t want to spend money to buy UC in BGMI in the article above we have provided tricks of 2022 to get free UC in BGMI. You can get free UC in BGMI through Google Play, Poll Pay, Tournaments and Giveaways. Read the article above, if you want get free UC in BGMI.

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This is all about How to get free UC in BGMI 2022. We provide all latest information related to BGMI if you any query related to the BGMI let us know in comments below Thank You.

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