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How to Get Collector Title in BGMI v1.8 2022

BGMI is a game in which multiplayers combat with each other in a battle field. We all know that PUBG and Free Fire two famous games all over the world. PUBG banned in India due to its connection with Tencent Games. Krafton launched, BGMI in India after the ban of PUBG. Both games have same dashboards, features and titles.

As this game is specially developed for Indians, it is full of different titles to achieve like Chicken Master Title, Overachiever and Pacifist Title. We have posted about the all these titles on our website. This article is about the new title of BGMI called Collector Title.

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How to Achieve Collector Title in BGMI

Collector Title is not an easy title in BGMI. It demands money or time, if you want to achieve this title. To get this title in BGMI you have to spend money or you can get this title, if you’re playing BGMI for a long time and you have enough outfit skins, weapon skins and parachutes.

Two players can get this title easily in BGMI 1 Who have spent lot of time, while playing BGMI 2 Newbie who spent money to get this title. Don’t need to worry about if you’re interested to win this title. In this article we will share some tricks and tips about “How to get Collector Title in BGMI?”

Requirements to Get Collector Title in BGMI

In this section, we will share the minimum requirements, that you should must meet to get Collector Title in BGMI:

Requirements to Get Collector Title in BGMI
  • To get this title, you must have 300 own permanent outfit skins
  • The second requirement to get this Collector Title is collect, 20 permanent parachutes skins
  • You must have 50 permanent weapon skins
  • Platinum tier or above

So, these were some requirements to get Collector Title in BGMI. If you meet all the requirements above, you can get this title easily. To get this title easily, read some tricks and tips of 2022 below.

Easy way to Get Collector Title in BGMI 2022

The only way to get collector title in Battleground Mobile India (PUBG) is, you have to collect some special items in BGMI. Special items include Over Achiever, Unique Destiny, Weapon Master and many more. If you order these special items, then you have high chance of achieving this wonderful title in PUBG.

Tricks to Get Collector Title in BGMI v1.8 2022

Here are some tips and tricks, by following them you can get this title in BGMI.

How to Find Collector Title in BGMI

How to Find Collector Title in BGMI
  • Open BGMI and click on “Missions”.
  • From there Click on “Achievements”.
  • Find “Glorious Moments” in the Achievements Section.
  • Go the 1st option in Glorious Moments Section
  • Now, here search “Collector”.

After doing all the steps mentioned above, you will find achievements known as Collector Title.

Achievements in BGMI v1.8 to Get Collector Title

1-Own 300 Permanent Outfits

You can achieve this title, if you have 300 or more outfits in BGMI. You can get these 300 outfits in Battleground Mobile India by opening crate and redeeming in the PUBG Mobile India.

2-20 Parachute Skins

You need minimum 20 parachute skins in BGMI inventory to claim for this title. To get these 20 Parachute skins, you have to spend money. You can also get redeeming in BGMI.

3-50 Weapon Finishes

Another demand of this title is you must have finished 50 weapons. For these 50 weapons finishes you need to open crates and spinning the events of BGMI.


BGMI is a famous game all over the India. It has many titles including, Chicken Master Title, Overachiever and Pacifist Title. In the article above, we have discussed about the one of amazing title of BGMI known as Collector Title. This title, you can only achieve when you’re in platinum tier above and enough parachutes, weapons skins and permanent outfits. To know about tricks and tips of 2022 to get Collector Title in BGMI, read the article above.

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This is all about the “How you can get Collector in BGMI v1.8 2022“. We provide latest information about BGMI, if you feel any query related to BGMI let us know in comments Thank You.

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