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How to Get Anna Character in BGMI v1.8 2022

BGMI and Free Fire are now prominent Royale Battle games in India. It has 50M downloads in year 2021 and beaten the Free Fire in India. The game is consisted of multiplayers that combat with each other and develop strategies. Krafton (A Korean Company) has developed this game for Indians when PUBG banned in India in 2020. The game has same features as PUBG global but it only works in India because the servers of BGMI are only working for Indian region.

Krafton introduces different events of BGMI and at those events releases some special characters of different abilities. The four most amazing character that BGMI contains are Sara, Victor, Carlo and Andy. Now at M5 Royale Pass Krafton is going to launch new character in BGMI which is Anna Character that is specially for PUBG Mobile India.

Anna is a new character which is newly introduced in BGMI at M5 Royale Pass event. The character Anna is a strong energy attacker and it is female character who can deal with damage at the beginning of the game. With this amazing character BGMI has become more interesting than ever before.

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BGMI Special Characters

Each character in BGMI that will release on M5 Royale Pass event will be consisted of certain weapons and abilities. Anna will also have some characteristics that you will be able to read that what she can do in the Royale Battle game. Since last time we saw her at Hyperion Cove.

If you’re interested and you want to unlock Anna then you’re at right place. We always prefer to provide you latest information related to the BGMI. The developers are providing opportunities to the new BGMI players to get this Anna Character free of cost. If you want to know how to get Anna Character in BGMI read this article from start to last.

How to Get Anna Character in BGMI?

Anna is a decent looking amazing character in BGMI. It is an investigating character and it can be unlocked in BGMI. She is full of energy and has more ability to compete with her enemies. This special character costs 600UC in BGMI but at this event for first 300 players it will be in 350UC they have to complete some missions in the game and have to use some vouchers to get this character.

With the recent update of BGMI 1.8 the number of characters in BGMI are now five rather than the new character Anna will release soon and it will be available in BGMI. Besides this Anna in this price another character Victor is free for redeem.

Get Anna Character in BGMI

This article is about Anna skills, buffs and references. You can know the cost of this character in BGMI. After reading this article thoroughly you’ll know the latest skills and energy of this amazing character in Battlegrounds Mobile India. There are some other famous characters in BGMI but this character is specially for you enjoy the battlefield. Anna perform very well in such battle games. When you will play the Battleground Mobile India this character will provide you more control on the game in battlefield. The energy in the start of games is really amazing it will boost you in the virtual world of BGMI.

How to Unlock Anna in BGMI 1.8.0?

Anna is a decent looking and most energetic character. It is female and it has lot of energy to fight as well as it contains specially weapons and abilities to compete the enemies. Anna costs 600UC in BGMI but at Royale M5 events you can obtain vouchers by using those vouchers you can achieve this character in juts 350UC.

After the release of this character the prices of this character will go up as per my experience it will go up for almost “10 beans” each time. Anna is going to be released costumes 1 “Island Traveler Anna” if you want something that she wears on that specific Islands and all over the world than don’t miss the event when this special character will release for BGMI.

Get Free Anna Character in “Anna Joins the Battle Event”

Complete the Event “Anna Joins the Battle”

This character event is known as “Anna Joins the Battle” and this is the list of all missions and these rewards will be achieved upon the completion:

Anna Joins the Battle
  1. Login for 1 day and you will be rewarded with 10-character vouchers and 200 BP.
  2. You need to login in BGMI for 2 days, you will get 20 characters vouchers and 400BP
  3. Login for total of 3 days and get the 30 characters vouchers and 600 BP in return.
  4. If you Login for total of 5 days you will get 50-character vouchers and 100 BP.
  5. You have to Complete one match and get 10-character vouchers, 200 BP.
  6. Complete the next 3 matches and get 20-character vouchers with 40 AG currency in BGMI
  7. Complete 10 matches and achieve 40- character vouchers and 4 supply of crate coupon scraps
  8. If you spend total of the 15 minutes in game then you will get 15-character vouchers with 350 BP.
  9. Spend 250 minutes in the BGMI and get 35-character vouchers, 650 BP.
  10. Defeat the 14 enemies and get in return 30-character vouchers and 60 AG currency in BGMI MOD APK.

Wait for the Next Mission that will Come in Future

The “Anna Joins the Battle Event” can give you up to 350-character vouchers maximum. It will be wise decision to wait for new other upcoming events to get more character vouchers. This will be achieved to redeem the Anna for free.

Anna Character Level Up Rewards in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Here we are going to share the list of achievements and their awards in each level up in BGMI.

LevelLevel Up Rewards 
Level-2Anna Voice Pack (Simple)
Level-3Character Voucher for Free
Level-4Character Shard
Level-5Further Analysis
Level-6Anna Voice Pack (Amazing)
Level-7Character Voucher
Level-8Character Shard
Level-9Anna Voice Pack

Latest Features of Anna Buffs

  • At the beginning of game about 70% attack power of this character would increase, As Anna is a female character her ultimate skills also boost the attack power up to 40%. The thing that you must keep in mind that it took 10 seconds to cooldown so use it carefully in BGMI.
  • The chance to stun other enemies will also increase due to the attacking powers of this character in BGMI.
  • The duration of stun will increase from 1 second to 5 seconds at level 3 in BGMI. This is the passive skill of Anna character and it will help you to cancel the active skill of enemies during this duration. So, you can use this skill to overcome on your enemies in no time.
  • 100% critical and damage will double. If you don’t know about this buff you may decrease the power and special abilities of other characters.

Step by Step Video Guidance to Get Anna Character in BGMI

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can achieve this you just have to fulfill the missions in Event “Anna Joins the Battle”.

The attack power of this character at beginning is 70% and with ultimate different skills it has stun power. With its stun it can cancel the active power of enemy for 1 to 3 seconds.

It is actually a paid character of almost 600UC. But if you join the event you can get this character in 350UC.

You can achieve up to 350-character vouchers in BGMI through this one event. To achieve more character voucher, you just have to wait for other missions and events to come.


BGMI is released in India after the ban of PUBG. After it’s release BGMI got huge popularity in India along with Free Fire. The downloads of this game reached to 50M in 2021. There were four special characters in BGMI that are Sara, Victor, Andy and Carlo. These characters are other than the default male and female in BGMI. Krafton now has introduced new character known as “Anna”. This character has 70% of attacking power in the beginning of the game and it has ultimate stun skills to cancel the active skills of enemies. This character cost 600UC in BGMI but read the above article completely if you want to achieve this character free of cost in BGMI.

In above article we have mentioned an Event “Anna Joins the Battle” through this event you can achieve up to 350-character vouchers. Just read the details of several missions above in this article. Moreover, we have shared a detailed video about how to get Anna character in PUBG.

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This is all about How you can achieve “Anna” character in BGMI 1.8.0 2022. For any query related to BGMI let us know in comments Thank You.

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