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‘Famous’ fish soup pot and more at Restoran Soon Wah, Klang

Restoran Soon Wah is one of the best fish restaurants in Klang. Foodies from all over the Klang Valley actually come here to feast on their famous signature dish – fish soup pot. This hotel is located around the corner in Taman Berkeley where the stop is not extended. The restaurant is a bit chilly, with an aquarium featuring curious live fish and beautiful red decorations.

As the request is handled without a menu – just talk to the waiter – you can skip the fish unless he has identified it clearly or you understand that it is there. The signature pot of fish soup comes with a delicious and seemingly nutritious mix of ingredients: your favorite fresh fish (meat, head, tail), mushrooms, tomatoes, kelp, and even potatoes delicious, they are all in the heart of a delicious soup. the best it tastes The soup can be enjoyed with rice and rice, or you can also take it with bihun. This is the best food to eat on a windy day.

Other subtle things are pork meat, a dish that creates something new, because it can be very tasty. Wads of flavor, deliciously fresh watermelon and delicious ribs – this recipe is a must-have. Also, not to be missed is clay fish and tofu, kailan and pork stew, and fried with garlic. All of these are just as good as each other and make the best friend meals.

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