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How to Enable Extreme Option in BGMI and PUBG Global for Low-End Devices?

Hi BGMI lovers, hope you all are fine and doing well. Battlegrounds Mobile India is a battle game in which players compete with each other at the specific map. This game is little bit heavy and not made for low end devices. In this article, I am going to share “How you can enable extreme options in this game (BGMI) and PUBG”.

This article is specific about the extreme options of BGMI, in other words you can say that the what are the best settings of GFX Tool for both BGMI and PUBG for low end devices. In this article, you’ll be able to learn the best settings of GFX Tool for these two games to run these games smoothly on your devices.

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What is FPS in Battleground Mobile India?

FPS stands for Frame Per Second in PUBG and BGMI. It means that how many images will load in one second on your device, while playing BGMI. To play these two BGMI and PUBG smoothly FPS should be high. GFX is a tool which gives extra boost to your device and increase FPS of device. Learn how to increase FPS in BGMI while playing it on low specs devices.

Generally, Extreme option in Battleground Mobile India and PUBG Global is set to 60 FPS. But to this level of FPS the devices should be of high specifications. As this Extreme in BGMI run the game smoothly on your device. In this article, we will how you can enable 60 FPS option in BGMI in your low-end devices, keep in touch with this article.

How to Enable Extreme Option BGMI?

If you want to enable 60 FPS and Extreme Option in BGMI, then you have to download GFX Tool that is specific for BGMI and then you have to do settings of that tool as given below:

How to Enable Extreme Option BGMI?

GFX Tool Setting for BGMI

  • Select version of BGMI: 1.8 (BGMI)
  • Resolution of Game: 1024×576
  • Graphics:  Smooth
  • Frame Per Seconds: 60FPS
  • Anti-Aliasing: Disable
  • Style of Game: Colorful
  • Rendering:  Low
  • Light effect of BGMI: Disable
  • CPU: Disable
  • Water Reflection: Disable
  • Save Controls: Enable

This is the best setting that we have provided to you. You only have to do this setting mentioned above. Don’t change other default setting, it can cause problems for you. Once, you have completed all the settings mentioned above now, just click on option Accept and Run the Game.

After applying the above setting now, you will see that in BGMI Extreme option is enable for you. Just run and play the game on your any device without any hesitation. It’s a gift for you.

Is GFX Tool safe for BGMI and PUBG Global?

GFX tool is extremely safe and I have personal experience with this tool. It only optimizes your device and it is full working for low end devices and BGMI. It does not hack your mobile phone rather than it only modify the settings of device for maximum performance in the Royale Battle Game.

You don’t have to worry about while using this tool for any device and BGMI. It does not collect your mobile phone date but only, modify the settings for FPS and Graphics of device. I have personally used this tool just don’t delay to install this tool, if you have low specs device. It will definitely help you.

How to Play BGMI Smoothly on Low Specs Devices?

If you have low end device and you want to play, BGMI smoothly on your device then, in this case GFX Tool is best option for you. After, using this tool you can play Battlegrounds Mobile India smoothly on any device in which you face lagging issues.

As this tool is specially for those devices having low RAM and Processor that is recommended for this BGMI Game. I would recommend you to download this GFX Tool on your Android device and enjoy the Royale Battle Game on your mobile phone.


Battleground Mobile India is updated to v1.8 in 2022, now it has more features and have high resolution graphics. We all know that BGMI lags on low-end devices because it is not made for low specs devices. In this article, we have discussed about How you can enable Extreme Option in BGMI and PUBG, with the help of a tool called GFX. This tool will optimize your device and the performance of the device will increase to the next level. If you want to know how GFX tool works read the article above.

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This is all about How to enable Extreme option in BGMI and run BGMI smoothly on low-end devices. If you have any question related to BGMI just leave a comment below we will respond Thank You.

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