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9 Easy Tips of 2022 to Earn Money in BGMI and PUBG Mobile India

Hey Guys, I’m with you with my latest updated post related to your most repeated question how to earn money in pubg mobile. Krafton has targeted the world biggest populated market and launched a separate game like PUBG Mobile for the people of India. Battlegrounds Mobile India is open like its name that this has been developed for the Indians. So it’s a brand of battles for the Indians to enjoy. It contains same features as these are in PUBG Global.

You can also sell Pubg/Bgmi account as you did pubg account sell previously in PUBG Mobile. You can set your future too with this game and earn a lot through this. For this purpose I’m here for you to make it easier.

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Play PUBG/BGMI and Earn Money

Play Pubg and Earn Money app if you are a player of good handy serious mind. It’s 2022 and the internet world is becoming strong. People who were in the fields of games are now on devices to enjoy in their homes and offices.

Meanwhile internet games are now becoming as money generating forum for the youngsters. Young guys who just came to play and enjoy their games are now getting handsome amounts. I will brief you about How to Earn Money by Playing PUBG Mobile India (BGMI) in 2022.

BGMI is an easy and enjoyable game to play and earn good packages. Players who have been playing PUBG Global are the champions of newly launched BGMI. It’s a matter of skills to get you on top to earn. You can be a handy player of BGMI if you put some efforts and perform. Time is key role playing agent in this gaming sector. You will have to do practice and expert one. This only can happen when you go for long period and give most of your time to a digital game.

Now the next confusion is How much does pubg earn when you go for it as professional. Dear friends I’ll let you to know all about earnings in digital gaming field. PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND) and Battlegroung Moblie India (BGMI) Pubg mobile both are best options to get good handy revenue.

If you are not a good and professional player of these games then still you can earn in this field. The only matter is to have good devices. We will give you all chances to know for better earning. Our team kepalabergetarlive.org will provide all about BGMI and PUBG Global to place all information for you to earn.

Best Ways To Earn In BGMI (Indian PUBG Mobile)

Digital marketers has targeted a huge populated country India through internet gaming. Krafton also made a plan to make some sort of India’s own version of PUBG. So company decided to launch Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Here in 2022 now the mode is bit changing as marketers always look for traffic to make their product publicity. BGMI has become a brand in India right now. One can arrange and play tournaments in BGMI to earn. Some people go for writing on this specific game to earn through advertisement.

Most of the people are working through YouTube Channel on BGMI. It means if you are not a skilled player of BGMI then still you can make money. Now the matter is to just take a start. You can also Sell pubg mobile account and Indian pubg (BGMI) mobile account.

If you work on for delivering some sort of informational articles to users of the BGMI then you can make money. It’s a simple task to achieve as you have to drag traffic to your articles and advertisers will give you handsome money. Traffic is a major role playing agent in this field. Earn money from pubg when you are able to get any sort of users on your forum.

Now it’s a double charged enjoyment plan for the video games players. They can simply play pubg and earn money app through their android and iOS devices. Dear lovely friends today I’m going to work for you and will give all about earning ways in a single article. It’s a gift for you and now you just require bit attention to read and go for earning.

There you go and find the 9 simplest methods to get big earning future in this year 2022 as follow;

Use Instagram for BGMI Page to Earn

Instagram is highly recommended forum to work on for best earning in BGMI. I’m going to tell you a simple way that to earn money in Pubg Mobile with your Instagram Page. Actually you have to target all of those platforms who have highly traffic interactions. It’s a trend of the young generation to make their daily activity on Insta. Here when you will join through a planned set up.

Make your Insta page after creating your BGMI Nick retaled account on this forum. Online friends and followers are key playing factors for you to groom quickly. Pubg earn money and start you social sharing activity on your Instagram Page. Share your content on this page with proper Hashtag followed by your targeted BGMI content.

Share your page related content like videos regarding BGMI updates, memes, wallpapers of Bgmi and much more. It will be a brand of BGMI and all of the information and content on your page will grab traffic related to this game. People will follow your page.

Once you cross more than 10K followers of your page then many marketing companies will approach you. They will ask you to show their ads and will offer handsome amount for this. Now your page is asset for you and you can offer paid promotion for the firms regarding products.  

Earn With Your BGMI Blog

It’s a potential method for making quick and high ratio money in bGMI. If you have any sort of knowledge about blogging then it’s a greater chance for you to get on. Write your articles on Indian PUBG and make money.

Now the problem is to know How much does Pubg earn from BGMI and PUBG. It is a technical way to make revenue. Generate good content covering all about this game. Make sure to find users retention on your blog. Write a quality article for all topics related to this game. You will have to give some time for this method. Writing is easy but a full researched article takes time from you.

Earn with BGMI

I will suggest you to work on any of these methods which I’m telling you and work thoroughly. Once you get it as a passion then it will give you results. Simple writing, quality with full research, and covering all information about a certain topic, all of these are the techniques to get people on your blog. If you are not a good blogger then still you can work on. You will have to take online lectures from best bloggers and then start your practice.

Once you followed all above instructions then definitely you will find results. It will take time to find spot on top. Once it ranked then you will get traffic on your blog and companies will offer paid ads. It’s a technique which works as good revenue generating forum.

Freelance Your BGMI Skills

Freelancing is best platform for those who are skillful. You can offer skills for those people who want to make good thumbnails for their videos. Meanwhile you can also offer some concession packages for players of BGMI regarding video editing.

Freelancing is best option to earn instantly. Lean some good and best skills and offer your services through gigs. On this platform you can offer packages to those players who are not good to make wallpapers and thumbnails. There is some lack of techniques for editing videos of battles. You just only need to polish your skill and then go for healthy earning through Freelancing.

So you can work here too if you have been a good BGMI player. The skills and information you have about this game can help with your special practices of thumbnails and videos editing.

Organize Tournaments/Events on BGMI (PUBG Lite)

Now I’ll share my earning experience and will tell that how to earn money from Pubg with latest name BGMI. Organize tournaments and make sure to create interest for players to join your tournament. Simply conduct more and more games and put some cash awards for winning players or team to get attention and more players to join. I’ve earned more than 2000 US dollars by arranging tournaments. For example you arrange tournament where 35 INR entry/per player and 90 players join.

Earning through this platform is bit a professional case. You will have to make sure that you are good player of video gaming. Many sites are working on arranging tournaments for players. Some of these sites are offering their free services to enter for playing. However some famous sites are paid one and also they give good rewards for winning.

Battlegrounds Mobile India itself is offering eSport for players on its official website of Battleground Mobile India, the latest PUBG Mobile. But here in this case you will have to perform with high winning ratio. BGMI player who has winning performance of more than 19 Pro teams then that player can earn. I can say that this is a bit difficult task to make money.

But on the other hand I’m going to solve your all difficulties to make money here too. As being PUBG Mobile player I have made money from here. I will share my experience for you and will tell about how to earn money from Pubg and BGMI.

Making money from arranging tournaments is much easier if you follow instructions which I will share. First of all take it simple and go for pulling players towards your platform. Give some giveaway offers to grab their attentions towards your event arranging spot. Conduct games as much as you can and put some interesting offers to players. I’ve earned more than 2500 US dollars by arranging such video gaming events.

For example if you arrange a tournament with the entry fee of 35 INR for each player and make sure limited 90 players can enter in this tournaments then;

Calculate as 35 into 90 = 3150 INR

 Now you offer 18 INR per kill in your arranged tournament for all players so that they show intense to the event to play. Now even all 90 players are killed too then;

90 into 18 = 1620 INR

No assume that if you place offer for winner to give 700 INR winning prize then 1620+700 = 2320 INR total amount invested.

Now take calculator to know how much you invested and what amount is for you that you have earned;

3150-2320 = 830 INR is your earning in the tournament you arranged.

Become a Professional eSport Player of BGMI

Many organizations and sites are working for money generating prospectus of video gaming. Since this has been in progress by big names of digital world then Krafton also decided to launch eSports feature of its game BGMI in India.

In BGMI eSports a professional player can make money with high potential. But here in this case one will have to be good skillful and highly professional player. So if you take this BGMI video game as your future then you can. Never think and make a decision to go forward. Make sure to play this game as much as you can for better practice.

Once you started to win from good players then you are now on the right track to earn and show your skills by playing PUBG Mobile tournaments and events as well as BGMI eSports too. It’s a good money making platform now in video game.

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Start Streaming of Your BGMI and PUBG Play

It’s an interesting one if you start your games streaming on different Social platforms. In this case you will have to do practice and practice a lot for good stream. Once you become an expert player of video game which you play for enjoyment, then it will become easier to start streaming.

Live Streaming of BGMI

Video Games Live Streaming on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram etc has been best practice for the experts to earn till now. I can say that it’s not a easy job but if you are consistent in your work then it’s a easiest one. Basically you are trying to attract people towards your game play to watch through streaming. Once you get users and traffic becomes on level for advertisement then you are hero now.

Start your work on this task and make sure one video at least will be on streaming on daily basis. Here another factor which has strong concern in finding traffic on your video is the Thumbnail of your video as well as the Keywords Research for placing videos on these social media forums to rank is major role playing.

Once you do all above which I told then no factor is there to stop you for earning through streaming. Traffic is basic pillar for this and after getting traffic you will start monetization to earn.

Earn With Youtube Gaming Channel

YouTube is a rich source of earning in 2022 for the video game players. So following this it’s not an easy one job to do for rich earning. Actually the matter is just to become expert in your selected video game. Once you cover all aspects of that game then it becomes easier to start whatever you want.

Earning with YouTube Channel on BGMI vlogs is best option for the players who have spent a lot more time on playing. It’s because you are the teacher now to give some important lectures through your videos on Youtube. All about BGMI should be in your knowledge gallery when you go for starting Youtube Channel.

Now you can give tips and tricks about how to sell PUBG account on YouTube channel videos. Also you can share much more informational videos regarding BGMI issues. You will have to find the hurdles for player which they face to make sure that there is the best solution in your video.

All above is only possible with quick time span when you are good SEO expert and can manage your videos Thumbnails as well as Best Titles for video. When you become successful to do all above which I told you then you will be able to have 1000 Subscribers of Channel with watching hours more than 4000 watched hours then earning will come and will definitely be rich one.

Earn if You are GFX Designer

If you are a GFX designer then you are the best one for BGMI as well as other video gaming players. All sort of video games have some essential requirements for its players to fulfill for better performances. GFX designer can make BGMI Custom Mascot logos and making graphical thumbnails.

Earn with BGMI

Actually a GFX designer becomes need for the player to offer services because a player needs attention from his/her fans. This factor needs some sort of good graphical work for wallpapers and other thumbnails.

If you don’t know anything about designing then no matter what you are. Just go on Youtube and watch lecture from best designers and implement in your practices. Once you become good practical designer then you can offer your services to video gaming players.  

Sell BGMI Accounts to Earn

BGMI accounts selling are also a valuable practice to earn handsome revenue. Accounts with good titles have remarkable market demand. Sell PUBG Account with the levels like dresses, gun skins, vehicle skins and the upgraded guns. Here levels of your account are good money generating factors for you.

If you are starting accounts selling as your money earning profession then make sure to earn titles as much as you can. Games Titles like Dominator, Warlord, Crew Challenge Winner, Mythic Fashion are good revenue generating one for you. Accounts with these titles are good market value and professional players offer handsome amounts to purchase. Royale Pass Title is top rated for all accounts to place good offers for earning.

Our Team kepalabergetarlive.org is working on day and night basis for the BGMI players to give good information. Here we’ve tried to cover all aspects of earning in BGMI. Hopefully this will be fruitful post for you.

However if you feel some deficiency in this article then your feedback is necessary for me. You can post your comment in comments section below. For any query also ask in comments section. I Thank YOU

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: You can earn money through arranging tournaments easily. Even you can earn if you offer some giveaways and per kill amounts to players.

Ans: Yes, you can offer BGMI account selling services. This can have good money offers if you have you account level above the Platinum Tier.

Ans: Many video gaming sites are working for the players to earn from their playing. eSports in BGMI is a feature within BGMI for a player to earn.

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