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How to Delete BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) Account: Step by Step Guide 2022

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a Royale Battle game Indian loves this game. Sometimes when you download any hacked version of BGMI, it causes problems in Android devices. If you want to delete BGMI account, in this article I will guide you step by step How to delete BGMI account permanently or temporary. After reading this article you’ll be able to delete Battleground Mobile India account in minutes.

BGMI is a famous game among all Indian players. Gamers love to play BGMI because it provides you a chance to interact with players in BGMI. This game is really amazing it consists of different maps and missions. It uses Engine 4 to give 3-D sound while playing this game. When you play this Battle Game you feel like in a virtual earth. Sometimes users want to change their name in this game or they lose intertest in this game they want to delete BGMI account temporarily.

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This article is specially for How to delete BGMI account and How to remove profile in BGMI permanently.

How to Delete Battleground Mobile India Account Permanently?

Currently, there is no way introduced in BGMI to delete account permanently but if you want to delete your account permanently from this game then read the steps below one by one:

There are three ways through which you can delete BGMI account:

Unlink these all accounts from the main BGMI account:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Why Should I Unlink all Accounts?

If you want to delete your old BGMI account then unlinking is necessary. You can only create your new BGMI account with the email or phone number when you have deleted the old BGMI account.

Unlink the Google Account to BGMI

If your Battleground Mobile India account is connected with the main Google Play account then follow the simple steps that are provided below:

  • Open the setting of Android device and then tap on Apps.
  • Now, scroll down the apps and find Google in it.
  • Search for “Connected Apps” section.
  • Now, find BGMI in the Connected Apps section.
  • Tap on it and then click “Disconnect” Button.

Keep in mind that BGMI can only be found in Connected Apps section when you have connected it through the Google Account.

Unlink BGMI Facebook Account

If your main BGMI account is connected through your Facebook account. To delete BGMI account you need to unlink the main Facebook account. Here are step by step guidance How to unlink Facebook account to BGMI account.

Unlink BGMI Facebook Account
  • First step is you have to login in to the main Facebook account.
  • Navigate the Account Setting option and then click on it. (Click if you don’t find any account).
  • When you have found the setting option there you will find the all apps that are connected with the Facebook.
  • Find the Battleground Mobile India App in that list of apps.
  • When you have found the BGMI Now, you just have to remove your main Facebook account with the BGMI account. To do that simply click on remove option.

Unlink Twitter Account to BGMI

This section is about How you can unlink Twitter account if you have connected it to the BGMI account.

Unlink Twitter Account to BGMI
  • Login in to the Twitter account through apps or any other browser.
  • Go to Settings and then accounts (Visit the website in case of browser  https://twitter.com/settings/account.)
  • Navigate to the accountsApps then Sessions and after that Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  • Once you have found the BGMI Now, click on “Revoke Access” to erase all Battlegrounds Mobile India data.

Note: Keep in mind that when you unlink Facebook, Google and Twitter accounts connected to your BGMI account. Then all content of your BGMI account like microtransactions, skins and in app purchases will also delete with the unlinking of accounts. Therefore, think twice before deleting the main Battleground Mobile India account. You will not be able to recover the BGMI account data.

Final Review:

In this article, I have provided three ways through which you can delete BGMI account permanently. As BGMI does not give delete option, and you want to delete the BGMI account then this article is for you. Three ways include Unlinking of three main accounts through which you create account on BGMI. Mainly we create BGMI account by linking Facebook, Google or Twitter. In this article we have provided complete details How you can unlink these accounts from BGMI.

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This is all about How you can delete BGMI (PUBG India) in 2022. We provide all information related to BGMI on this website if you find any query related to the BGMI leave a comment below we will respond Thank You.

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