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Chicken Expert: How to Get Chicken Master Title in BGMI & PUBG Mobile Global

BGMI is one of the most popular multiplayer Royale Battle game where players combat with each with different strategies. Achieving Chicken Expert Title in BGMI is not a joke it is one of the hardest titles of PUBG Mobile India. To achieve this title in Battlegrounds Mobile India you have to go with some rules. Things that you should keep in mind are patience, consistency and great gaming skills. You can achieve this title when you are in platinum tier or above. It needs a Solo Classic match.

Welcome to kepalabergetarlive.org here we are again with amazing topic How to achieve Chicken Master Title in BGMI. PUBG Chicken dinner means that you with your others competitors land to the specific place in a Solo Classic match and you need to survive among other 99 till end. You need to kill enemies around you in BGMI to achieve this title.

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How to get Chicken Master Title in BGMI and PUBG

As we know that Chicken Master Title can only be achieved by surviving till end of the game. But to get this title in BGMI there are some requirements that you should understand. This title requires minimum 10 solo classic matches in BGMI.

  • You should have platinum or above tier in BGMI.
  • You need to kill your last enemy with different weapons in each match.

Here are some important types of weapons that you should use in the game:

  • In first match use SMG and kill your enemy then win the game
  • For example, in second match you should need use pistol to final blow and win a match
  • Use Light Gun machine in your third solo classic match
  • You can also use vehicles to kill your last enemy in Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  • Crossbow can also be used to deal with final one.

Similarly, you have to opt different weapons and strategies to blow your final enemy in BGMI. Here is the list of others weapons that you should use to achieve this title in BGMI.

Assault Rifle in BGMI
  • Assault Rifle
  • Snipper Gun
  • Melee Weapons
  • Throwable,
  • Short gun

These are some steps and requirements to achieve Chicken Dinner in Battleground Mobile India (PUBG India). I know this is not easy for some people for those people I am going to reveal many secretes to achieve this title in BGMI.

Chicken Expert Title Details

Title NameChicken Master or Chicken Expert
Title DurationPermanent
Description of TitleWin 10 solo classic matches with different styles mentioned above

Follow the Steps Listed Below to Achieve Chicken Master Title in BGMI and PUBG

Follow the steps below to get Chicken Master Title in BGMI and PUBG:

  • Login to the download BGMI MOD Version.
  • At the bottom of dashboard select the mission option.
  • It will lead you to Achievements Section now click on it.
  • Now click on Glorious Moments and here you will chicken master title.
  • Win 10 solo classic matches in different style to achieve this title.

Once you will complete all the requirements of this title this title will automatically unlock.

Latest Tricks to Get Chicken Master PUBG Title Fast

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a best game and getting title in BGMI is very challenging but now we will provide you some tips to get this title in PUBG Lite. You need to play a solo classic match specially for this Chicken Master title therefore it becomes difficult for a new player to achieve this title.

Trick to get chicken expert title in BGMI
  • First trick is you will play solo classic match with your friend isn’t a good idea? Yes, it is possible you can play a solo classic match including your friends. To get play together you and your friend have to click the start button at the same interval so that your server match with your friend server in BGMI. I personally used this trick and it’s really working one.  I always love to play a solo classic match including my friend. Try again and again to achieve same server response to both of you.
  • The second trick of the day is after starting the Solo Classic match in BGMI don’t go to kill enemies just play safe. Try to avail the chicken dinner without fighting much with your enemies.
  • Third trick is team up with your enemy to maintain your winning streak in PUBG Mobile India.

This title is very important for you in BGMI because when you will achieve this title in BGMI your speed will 10% of your competitors in PUBG.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because you download BGMI MOD APK from third party websites that is why it needs allow to install such apps.

It is not a tough one but for a newbie it can be tough because you have to use different weapons in each solo classic match to kill the last enemy.

There are two main requirements of this title to achieve in BGMI.

  • You must be in platinum tier or above
  • You have to different solo classic matches with different weapons

There are many tricks that we have discussed in this article. But the main trick is you can play a solo classic match including your friend in that match. To know about this trick read the above article.


Battleground Mobile India is probably the most popular game of India. In this game multiplayers compete to each other with different strategies. We provide you latest information about BGMI. You can win chicken dinner if you survive and a solo classic match and even kill the last enemy. For Chicken Expert title you must be in platinum tier or above of this. If you want to know about the latest tip and tricks then read this completely. We have discussed in this article that how you can play solo classic match including your friend in that match. If you’re a BGMI lover and you want to win this title then the above article completely.

This is all about the tricks and requirements of Chicken Expert Title in BGMI. For any query related to BGMI let us know in comments below Thank You.

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