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BGMI Vs PUBG Mobile Lite: Which Game Has The Best Graphics For Android Devices 2022

Dear BGMI players here I’m with you again with the demanded comparative article to be posted. All young players and the newbie are debating a healthy comparison between Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile Lite.

However BGMI is getting its optimum ratings in the country right now. Video gaming players are recommending this game as the most played digital game since its launch. When it comes to learn things in between BGMI and PUBG Mobile then graphics are the key for any video game.

PUBG Lite and now BGMI are the most advanced games in video gaming sector right now. Both games have some pros and cons when we come to debate a strong comparison. However both games have same developer and there has been a best focus on graphics in both.

Major thing about these games is that both games can be played on any type of the device setup. Players can enjoy playing both games on low end devices as well as high end too.

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How Can We Play BGMI on Low- End Phones

Battlegrounds Mobile India has many versions for any sort of device. Its ignition version BGMI 1.5 is best for low end devices. I can say as there has been no any lighter version specifically developed for the low devices.

Requirements of the Devices for BGMI to Play

In most of the cases it has some specific requirements. These are given in an easy way for you to understand as follows;

  • Android version must be Android 5.1.1 or above from it
  • System Random Access Memory RAM must be minimum 2GB
  • Here in BGMI additional resource pack works as 672MB in HD download case and 409.9MB in a bit low specs graphical case.

Play PUBG Lite With Low- End Android Devices

However BGMI is the most advanced and high graphics developed game which can be played on any sort of android devices. On the other hand PUBG Lite is a special version which is developed for the players who are not richer and can play it on their low end devices.

PUBG Lite is the version of PUBG video game which can we play through low end android mobile phones.

PUBG Lite System Requirements

  • Here in PUBG Lite it requires minimum version Android 4.1 or above
  • Minimum RAM must be 1 GB or above
  • Size of download must be 600 MB

PUBG Lite & BGMI Graphics Comparison

Both games are developed by same developer and the latest developed version of PUBG for the Indians is best to play with the device compatibility. I’m going to give some healthy review regarding both game plays with graphical details.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Graphics

Since its launch in 2021, this has been a special addition of the royale battle game in Indian markets. Krafton has displayed a healthy work for game development better than PUBG.

BGMI has some designated graphics settings by Krafton. Its graphical settings are set as the players can enjoy their game play even on high quality devices and the low end devices too.

In BGMI players can set the battle settings according to their devices. These settings may have the options to be selected as follows with the graphics specificity;

  • So smooth
  • Smooth
  • Balanced
  • HD
  • HDR
  • Ultra HD
  • UHD

Here in graphics options choosing players also may use FPS options as Low, Medium, High, Ultra, Extreme and 90 FPS with the demand of their devices.

PUBG Lite Graphics

PUBG Mobile India has been one of the best video game in Royale Battles of the country like India. Krafton made a special edition for the players of PUBG who have their devices not more effective ones and have low memory to process.

This has been a compressed version of the PUBG and here players can use options to select graphics for playing game. They can use options as follows;

  • Smooth
  • Balanced
  • HD
  • HDR

PUBG Lite players also have option to use FPS for better experience and may select FPS settings as Low, Medium, High, Ultra and Extreme.

Conclusive Words

While writing a full researched post in comparing both games PUBG Lite and BGMI, I came to a final result that it can be played on low end devices. However high end devices also give full enjoying experiences to players.

It is also seen in the article and I came to learn that better FPS system in BGMI has made it bit more effective and valuable regarding graphics to play on low as well as high end android devices.

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All the information is covered for you to understand better about both games in graphics case study.

However your suggestions and betterment will be accepted and can be a courageous for me. Give your feedback in comments section below for making it better for you. I Thank YOU

Note: This article has only the author’s opinion

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