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BGMI UC Price 2022: Easiest Methods for Cheap BGMI UC Purchase

Hello Guys, Today I’m going to solve your genuine problem about BGMI “UC” purchase. If you want to enjoy this game then you must have unlimited in game currency which is UC. Now you can imagine that how UC is important in BGMI. Indian PUBG version BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) has become a brand in Digital Games now in 2022. It is highly popular game in young generation of India today.

I’m the Player of PUBG India and will tell the easy ways to purchase BGMI (PUBG Mobile India) UC on cheap price. Krafton’s Battle Royale Title has given much more excitement for you as it’s a Free to Play (F2P) PUBG Mobile. Every player can enjoy this game with no charges. But in some of the cases you need in game currency to get Accessories, Cosmetics and other rewards.

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What is UC in BGMI?

UC is an unknown cash of the game. Currency of PUBG India (BGMI) is UC and is used to purchase vehicles, guns, accessories and kits to wear and for many more options. These options can be Royale Passes purchase, Weapons Skins and Companions too. So, every player runs for much more in-game currency for their wallet.

It is the currency of Digital Game and is taken through expending real money. So here is the issue which gets players to be worried. All of them go for some valuable discounts to purchase UC. To find the Cheapest UC Purchase I will give you some good suggestions in this post. Here 2 methods are easy to understand for all and get UC with no hurdles.

What is the Use of UC in BGMI (Indian PUBG)?

It’s important to know the usage of UC and to know about UC in BGMI. For this I want to give a genuine example for you to understand UC in the game as a currency. We all have many points of importance of money in our daily life. Everyone has some issues and most of those are resolved by money. Similarly UC is the money in the world of BGMI PUBG India and as a player you can resolve your issues regarding game by transacting UC in different platforms of the game.

UC plays key role in the game and it’s important to know that how you can use this. UC in BGMI is same like money in our pocket for daily life uses. Making it easier to understand I’ll give you the example of money in our life. Everything you can get with money and our daily life runs with this. All of your problems has the only solution which is “money”. So here in this case UC is the money of BGMI PUBG India and as a player here is the solution of your issues in gaming.

Transact the in-game currency and resolve your every problem. These can be Special Accessories, Guns Skins, Cloths for different tasks, Emotes, Treasures, Battle Passes, Vehicle Skins and many more like these.

How Many Methods to Purchase Cheap BGMI UC?

Battlegrounds Mobile India game developers have made some particular changes in the game for its players to find UC. Krafton’s game has given some features for better experiences to people to play this game. To purchase midasbuy bgmi UC there are two easy methods for you;

  • Codashop
  • Google Play Balance

CodaShop,The Cheapest BGMI UC Purchase Store

Codashop is the best option and is a well reputed UC store and here bgmi uc price is quite reasonable. Players simply go on this and get UC bundles in less charges. Personally, I also recommend you to do UC shopping here on this shop.

BGMI and PUBG UC Buy Cheap Priceon Codashop


I’ll let you to know in just 5 simple steps to follow for UC purchase through Codashop. So here we go with the 1st one below.

  1. Firstly let you to open up the Web Browser you use and open Codashop’s  Official Website.
  2. When site is opened completely then simply go on BGMI icon showing on the site page.
  3. After your selection of BGMI icon then go in the new page of the Codashop site where you will be asked some information.
  4. Fill up the BGMI user ID with yours one and then put e-mail address in the respective place of the page for getting receipt of purchase from Codashop.
  5. Your purchase process is almost done and now you have to pay your real money through the platform you can manage easily. Codashop is giving some valuable offers through Net Banking , PayTM, Mobikwik, UPI, Freecharge, Visa and PayZapp money payment sources.

How to buy BGMI (PUBG) UC on Google Play Balance?

To get UC from this platform is as easier as it has been in Codashop BGMI and PUBG India Lite purchase. But the problem starts when players go for some special discounts offers like in Codashop. Google Play Balance has no any options for discounts on UC. Players don’t want to lose their real life money while purchasing UC. So this option is less in players use and most of them move forward.

BGMI UC Details for Android and iOS Devices

BGMI UC rates
Prices For Android UsersPrices For iOS Users
60 UC+6 UC (Free) at 75 INR60 UC+6 UC (Free) at 89 INR
300 UC+25 UC (Free) at 380 INR 300 UC+25 UC (Free) at 449 INR
600 UC+60 UC (Free) at 750 INR 600 UC+60 UC (Free) at 899 INR
1500 UC+300 UC (Free) at 1900 INR 1500 UC+300 UC (Free) at 2099 INR
3000 UC+850 UC (Free) at 3800 INR 3000 UC+850 UC (Free) at 4199 INR
6000 UC+2100 UC (Free) at 7500 INR 6000 UC+2100 UC (Free) at 8500 INR

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Definitely, you can get free UC if you download the MOD version of BGMI.

Ans: You can be the king of game if you have unlimited UC. You can buy BGMI Avatar. Can get missions through in-game currency and many other essential things.

Ans: As being BGMI player, my personal experience is the Codashop’s store for low price purchase. However I’ve covered all points to purchase easy and discounted UC purchase.

When you complete your purchase then remember to check out your game wallet. Hopefully there you will get a relief of playing the next excited game with more power to you. I tried my best to give complete information to purchase UC. If you get this article beneficial for you then Bookmark my site as you will get instant BGMI 2022 Update Version. Thank You

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