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BGMI/ PUBG M8 Royal Pass Price in India 2022: Release Date, All RP Rewards & Latest Leaks

BGMI Royale Pass latest updates 2022 regarding leaks and all about its real news package you want, you will get it here. In M8 Royale Pass players will get outfits, cosmetic items gun skins same like in every new season. Dear young players of BGMI today I’m going to share some attractive findings from Krafton’s Indian version PUBG and especially about free royal pass.

New BGMI M8 Royale Pass will follow the new Spider Man movie. So you will be able to get some Charming Outfits, Unique Skins and lot more new things.

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You will avail complete package of BGMI M8 Royal Pass Leaks, Release Date 2022, RP Rewards in upcoming PUBG and bgmi royal pass free news line here in this article. Royal Pass Price in BGMI is bit reasonable for the newbies to be in the game for battles. I’m going to see the 1 to 50 RP Rewards of BGMI C2S4 M8 RP Rewards Leaks News Updates. So here we go with all about RP in PUBG.

BGMI New Royale Pass M8

New Royale Pass (RP in PUBG)BGMI (M8) RP
Previous RP M7 Last Date20 Feb 2022 at 07:59 AM (IST)
New RP M8 Release/Start Date20 Feb 2022 at 08:00 AM (IST)
PUBG/BGMI RP Price in India360 UC and 960 UC for Elite RP

BGMI M8 Royal Pass Rewards

It is going to be flashing release of M8 Royale Pass. It will have new features, Companions, Outfits, Modes, Guns Skins and much more which wasn’t in M7 RP. In new updates M8 is going to have new 50 attention grabbing Outfits and Frames.

As it’s coming on the inspiration of Latest Released Movie of Spiderman, so M8 RP will have more unique outfits, guns skins and lot more

BGMI/PUBG Royal Pass Price

BGMI Royal Pass Price in India is only 360 UC for the simple RP. However its price tag for Elite Royale Pass becomes higher up to 960 UC.

M8 BGMI Royale Pass Release Date

Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Royale Pass release date has been 20th of Feb, 2022 at 08:00AM. It has latest updates for the Battles players of PUBG and many rewards. Meanwhile it contains more Features, Modes, Companions, Outfits and Skins for both android as well as iOS devices users. All of players are looking forward for Season 14 PUBG Leaks

BGMI rp M8 latest updates

Now there remains major thing that is its price. It will cost 360 UC which is 420 in Rupees. So here we go with Royale Pass M8 with its all package with latest features and many rewards. This update also contains 50 RP with best M8 Features and Outfits.

However if you are going to buy something like Elite Royale Pass of BGMI then it will cost 960 UC.

There is some important information for the players regarding M9 Royale Pass. M9 BGMI Royale Pass will be in market on 18th of March 2022. Meanwhile PUBG is also going to launch its M8 Royale Pass very soon in upcoming few days.

PUBG/BGMI M8 RP Latest Leaks

BGMI M8 Royale Pass has lot more for the players to have great fun of enjoying and playing this Battle Game. It has much for the players who have been in search of best Skins, Uniqueness in Outfits. Thinking for your ease to learn with full knowledge about these leaks, here we go with the following bullets line;

  • Royale Pass 1: Play Back QBU Gun Skin
  • BGMI Royale Pass M5: Cactus Head Gear
  • RP 10: Magic Box Skin
  • Royale Pass 15: RP Avatar Frame
  • BGMI RP 20: Moo Moo Grenade Skin
  • RP 25: Free Slobby Shirt
  • Royale Pass 30: Scarlet Ranger Remote
  • RP 35: UMP45 Gun Skin
  • BGMI M8 RP 40: Scar-L Gun Skin
  • RP 50: Ranger Outfit (Scarlet Ranger Cover)

1. Best Outfit BGMI M8-Cactus Constable Set

Cactus Constable Set is the best option in outfit line for the players to use it for best playing techniques. This is the gift for guys in rewards category of BGMI M8.

See the image of this Set in below as it looks gorgeous.

2. Magic Box Backpack Skin of M8 RP

This Magic Box is a real change of M8 Royale Pass leaks as it has much attraction. Players who have been playing with old gears will get in no time to feel better.

BGMI rp price

3. UMP45 Gun Skin of M8 Royale Pass

Team Battlegrounds Mobile India has worked on M8 launch and has made it attractive offer. This skin has been the most fabulous one. As a player of PUBG I’m feeling cool when I have a look of this UMP 45 Gun Skin master piece.

Free BGMI Royal Pass

4. MK 14 Gun Skin in BGMI M8 Best Rewards

In rewards line of BGMI M8 Royale Pass, BK 14 Gun Skin has been the creativity of skins line of M8. This is the best and brand new skin of MK 14 Gun. Have a look here it show some dashing pins.

5. Gold Porecelain 2 Seat Motorbike Skin in BGMI M8

There has been some sort of old fashin in bike look before. This is the brand new 1st ever launched bike skin of BGMI M8 Gold Porecelain 2 Seater Bike Brand New Skin.

Free RP in PUBG

6. Super Look Midnight Lantern: DP 28 Gun Skin

It’s all about skins in M8. Here we get another super look gun skin of DP 28 in M8 of BGMI. It wins the hearts of players and never let anyone boring while playing.


7. Attractive Looking M8 Avatar Frame

This one is awesome piece for the players who want better looks. So it has been the best inclusive setup with Brand New Avatar Frame. Here all of the players of BGMI will get this reward too.

BGMI new season release date

8. Moo Moo Grenade Skin in BGMI M8 Royal Pass Setup

BGMI M8 Moo Moo Grenade is cool addition with its best look. So here we can say that player,s attention grabbing tactics are used in all features of M8.

PUBG RP price

9. BGMI M8-Moo Moo Ornament

It’s an interesting ornament of the BGMI M8 RP where it has look like cow and has straw also. So, I will say as it has best look with something new.

10. BGMI M8-Shorts Fired Parachute Skin

It’s all about freefire new season. It will be available when a player reaches level 20 then it will be given to that player in free cost. Its skin looks some sort of fire look and gives charm to parachute skin

11. Play Date Finish of BGMI M8 RP in Touchy Look

It gives something like colorful view to plane. So I must say that it’s a unique setup in all theme line of M8.

BGMI RP M8 Perfect News and Updates 2022

Buzzing Words

Our team kepalabergetarlive.org has brought all about M8 Royal Pass latest updates for you. Keeping in mind all of the interest regarding BGMI players, we have covered here all of that information which you want. However if you feel some sort of suggestion for us then it will be courageous for us.

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So your feedback and suggestions will be highly commands for our team to work more for you. Please let us to know in below comments section. I Thank YOU

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