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Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) & PUBG Global White Body No Recoil Mod File Download 2022

Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) is also called as Indian version of PUBG. PUBG banned in India in 2021 due to National Security issues and its connection with Tencent Games. BGMI has almost 50M downloads all across the India. PUBG banned in India for 8 to 9 months after that Krafton launched BGMI in India which is only for Indian gamers who love to play Royale Battle Games. It uses Engine 4 to develop 3-D sound.

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BGMI White Body No Recoil Details

BGMI is a Royale Battle Game where player combat with each other and kill. In this article we’re going to give white body no recoil config file details and download link. Through this you can easily locate the enemy who is hidden in the grass or crawling. This download link of white body no recoil is only for Indian BGMI.

Another download link is No Recoil file through which you can enhance the spraying skill in BGMI. These two hacks work for you in locating the enemy who is hidden behind any cover and killing him by using SMG and AR.

BGMI (PUBG) No Grass File New Update 2022

The files and download links provided above will update with different recent updates of 2022. If you want to download the updated files of white body no recoils then keep visiting our website. These two files will improve the gameplay of you and it will also help you to unlock no grass, no fog and no snakes’ hacks in BGMI.

Battleground Mobile India No Recoil File Download Link 2022

White Body is a special feature in the BGMI MOD APK V1.7.0 2022. This feature helps you to locate the enemy if he is hidden behind some covers or grass. This hack works on two bases:

  1. It will convert the enemy into white body and you will become able to see him through any cover. You can locate that white body of your enemy with this hack.
  2. It also increases the Z index of your enemy so, that you can locate him if he is behind the wall because his z index is more than the z index of wall.
BGMI White body no recoil file download 2022

So, these are two reasons through which you can locate the enemy in Mod version of PUBG India. BGMI MOD version gives you extra features and benefits on your enemies therefore you become able to dominate them.

What is Recoiling?

It is basically a phenomenon in which you fire a bullet the gun exerts force on the bullet as a result bullet exerts same force but in opposite direction. This recoiling distracts you from your target in BGMI. But with this hack it becomes zero and you can easily target the enemy.

So, this hack gives you access to use heavy guns like AKM and M762. The purpose of No Recoil Mod file in BGMI is zero the recoiling of weapons. It helps you to enjoy the Chicken Dinner in BGMI by defeating all of your enemies. Download these files for better gaming experience in BGMI. With these two hack you can hack and kill the enemy very easily because you get more time to locate and kill them.

How to Install White Body No Recoil File in BGMI

The downloading and installing process of config files in BGMI is easy. If you don’t have any experience with such config files then read the points below carefully:

  • Click on the download link of BGMI White Body No Recoil provided at the start of this article.
  • It will lead you to the next page containing the downloadable zip file. Click on the download button and then download the config file.
  • As the file is in zip format use any extractor to extract the file like WinRAR.
  • After the folder extracted then duplicate that folder so, that you don’t lose any file that is extracted from original zip file.
  • Now follow the path Internet Storage > Android > com.pubg.mobile>Data Folder> the file that you have downloaded and extracted copy that and paste that file in the mention links above.
  • Replace the existing file by clicking “OK”.

Once you’ve successfully done all the steps congratulations, you’re have installed the config white body no recoil file in MOD BGMI APK V1.7 2022.  Now you can enjoy the game without any hesitation.

Is It Safe to Use White Body No Recoil File in BGMI?

White Body No Recoil file is a hacked file and it can ban your BGMI account permanently. As the Krafton security team does not allow such hacks therefore when they will detect this file, they will ban your account. We do not recommend such hacks on main BGMI account. Use fake ID to use such hacks play at safe hands if you want enjoy the MOD version of BGMI.

If you have premium stuff like many UC and premium inventory then don’t use these hacks on main account. If these hacks work fine on your account, then you can go with them at your own risk. For all hacks and mods, we recommend the dummy account rather than the main account. Because at any time such hacks can ban your main running account within no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a mod feature that we provide you in BGMI. By using this hack feature you can easily track the enemies who have hidden behind any wall or building. When you will use this hack their body will become white and you can easily detect them.

Any gun recoil back when you bullet a fire from that gun. After using this hack you can easily target the enemy without recoiling thus it will boost your target.

Yes, it can be used for the all versions of BGMI.

We don’t recommend to use such hacks on main BGMI account. If you have many UC and other currencies then you should not use such hacks on that account. These hacks can ban your account.


White body no recoil config file is completely safe you can use it. But sometimes it can be a cause of banning of account so, be careful. We recommend that use such hacks on the fake ID accounts if you have UC and premium inventory on main account. Hacks give you some amazing features as compared to the enemies they give you to play at high level. These two hacks are amazing because they give you ability to find the enemies who want to attack on you. With the white body no recoil hack you can easily detect them hidden behind any wall or building. No recoil hack helps you to target your enemy easily because it zero the recoiling of gun. Download the file from the start of this article and enjoy the hacks in Royale Battle game.

Krafton is increasing the security day by day therefore, while using any hack file be careful. Try to use such hacks on any other account rather than the main account.

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This is all about the white body no recoil in BGMI. If you have any query related to the BGMI let us know in comments below Thank You.

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