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BGMI MOD APK v1.7 Download 2022 (PUBG Mobile India)

BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) is a popular game among Indians. It is a multiplayer Royale Battle game in which players develop strategies to combat with each other. It uses Engine 4 to produce 3-D music and graphics. The latest version of BGMI is v1.7 which is real to nature.

Welcome to kepalabergetarlive.org this article is dedicated to latest BGMI MOD APK version v1.7. This hacked version is full of latest features like Wall Hack, No Recoil, Unlimited UC, Anti Ban and Auto Aim. This game has lots of maps which are near to original world. BGMI MOD version is hacked version of original BGMI APK in which you will get extra features as mentioned above to compete with your enemies in the virtual earth this game.

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Select your favorite map and capture your plan to reach at your destiny in PUBG Mobile India Hacked version.

What is BGMI MOD APK v1.7

All of us know that BGMI APK launched after the ban of PUBG Global in Indian due to National Security alerts. BGMI MOD APK is very similar to Battleground Mobile India original version. In this hacked version of BGMI developers have cracked some codes which provides you extra features and strength to defeat your enemies. Battlegrounds Mobile India is just developed for Indian you cannot play this game with others global players.

In BGMI with 99 other players you land off a plane in your selected map to a specific destiny and then you develop strategies to fight and kill your enemies. The last survivalist of BGMI enjoy the Chicken Dinner and this is the great title of BGMI. When you play by using Hacked version of BGMI then you will have some extra feature over your enemies whose are using the simple version of BGMI.

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Features of BGMI Hack Version

Bullet Track Hack

Track hack feature is introduced in BGMI MOD v1.7 this is an amazing feature of BGMI MOD APK. When you play with BGMI hacked version then you can kill your enemy with your bullet who is just behind your neck without turning toward him.

So, this bullet track hack feature helps you when the enemy is behind you and secretly trying to kill you from your back.

BGMI Paid Hack for Free

BGMI officially provides you these hacks with some money but at our website kepalabergetarlive.org you will get these all hacks with the MOD version of BGMI. Just enjoy this latest version of PUBG which is amazing full of latest features of 2022.

No Recoil

When you shoot your target with a gun it recoils you with equal force but in opposite direction. No recoil hack is used in BGMI MOD version in which your gun will not recoil when you will shoot a bullet so, that you can easily target your enemies with zero recoil.

Real weapons in BGMI APK

Moreover, with this feature you can easily use high class guns like AKM or M762 to kill your enemies. You can spray with your gun by using this amazing and latest feature in BGMI.

BGMI Wall Hack

BGMI wall hack is most important and amazing hack. This hack helps you to find your enemies hidden behind any wall. You can see your enemies beyond the wall through this hack and you can easily find out them. Even you can observe their movements planning and targeting.

This hack works for close zone and small range. You need to be careful while using this hack because the excessive use of this hack can permanently ban your Battleground Mobile India (PUBG) account. In certain limits and at a specific occasion you can use this hack to defeat your competitors in BGMI.

Wall hack  in BGMI MOD APK

No Grass and No Fog Hack

Battlegrounds Mobile India is developed in such a way that it looks like a original virtual earth and environment. When you play BGMI you see fogs and grass. Sometimes snakes in the grass caught you and disturb you while fighting with enemies.

Do you want to get rid of these snakes in grass and fog? If yes then MOD APK version v1.7 of BGMI we are providing you no grass and no fog hack through this hack you can easily target your enemies in PUBG Mobile India.

Auto Aim and Aimbot

As the names suggests that with this feature you don’t need to target your enemy. Auto aim hack of BGMI MOD APK will give you facility to auto target the head of your enemy in less time. You can easily target the head of enemy with this hack to kill him.

You even don’t need to use bullets with Aim bot feature it will help you to just kill your enemies fast and easily. Use this feature only when some type of squad rushes on You in BGMI. Just kill all of them in no time with this amazing auto aim and aimbot feature.

Auto aim feature in BGMI

Realistic Weapons

PUBG Mobile India has great graphics which are near to natural world. When you play this game, you see natural grounds and it feels like you are in real world with its amazing realistic weapons and sound of firing. This hack version of BGMI gives you real feeling of world and by using its realistic and amazing guns like AK47 and M416 you can easily rush on your enemies and kill them with no hesitation.

Limitless UC, Silvers, and BP

Battleground Mobile India is also similar to PUBG. To buy anything like outfits, firearms skins and automobile skins you have to pay money in BGMI because this is the premium stuff of BGMI. But this hack version of BGMI you will get all the premium stuff of BGMI free of cost.

You will get unlimited BGMI currency which are UC, Silvers and BP. Use this currency to buy Mythic and Premium Avtar in Battleground India. Download this MOD BGMI version to get limitless UC, Silvers and BP. Enjoy the Battle in BGMI with amazing look and features.

No Ban and Root access Needed

The MOD version of this game does not need any root access to download. You can simply download this version from kepalabergetarlive.org and can enjoy this game. Some games need root access of mobile phone to download and run but it is free of this requirement.

It can cause hanging of phones and some other problems. This game is free from ban because MOD v1.7 of BGMI is fully safe you can install and play this version without any hesitation. In some games developers hack the hacks of that game which cause the banning of that account.

ESP Hack

ESP hack was first time introduced in PUBG but now in BGMI MOD APK it is also activated. This hack helps you to see your enemy taking TTP. It also supports many other features which are given below:

  • Logo Bypass feature
  • Line
  • Box
  • Distance in Battleground Mobile India
  • Enemy Name
  • Health of Enemy
  • Gun Name of Enemy
  • Location of any Gun

Additional Features of BGMI MOD v1.7

  • Flies of Player
  • No advertisement in Hack Version
  • Free registration
  • High-quality performance and graphics
  • High 3 D sound quality
  • No loss of connection in BGMI MOD APK
  • Easy to handle all hack features
  • Easy to play and handle
  • Many more

How to Download and Install BGMI MOD APK v1.7

  • Delete the original version of BGMI if you have already installed
  • Download the BGMI MOD APK and OBB file from our website download link provided above.
  • Open your Android phone setting> security> and enable the option download from unknown sources to download this hack. It is option given in Android phones to download applications from other than Google Play Store.
  • Download the BGMI MOD APK v1.7 and install it into your Android mobile.
  • Congratulations you have successfully installed the latest BGMI MOD APK v1.7.

Pros and Cons of BGMI MOD APK


  • BGMI MOD APK file will instantly download you don’t need to wait for the download as in case of Google Play Store File.
  • The downloaded APK file will be saved into mobile phone memory.  You can anytime install and uninstall the downloaded file.
  • With different hacks you can surprise your enemies in Battleground field.
  • All hacks are 100% working.
  • It is fully secured
  • Premium stuff of BGMI is free in MOD version.


  • It is a 3rd party application it can harm your phone.
  • This MOD version will not update automatically as Google Play Store Apps.
  • BGMI Officially does not support the Mod APK version of BGMI it can ban your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is completely safe you don’t need to worry. At our website we always check all the privacy of our customer.

You need to enable download apps from unknown sources because you are downloading this game from some other website not from Google Play Store.

Yes, you can download this game on PC with the help of emulator like BlueStack.

It will help you to defeat your enemies and you will definitely enjoy the Battle Royale Game.

No, I would not recommend you to use your main account because it can permanently ban your account.

Final Review of BGMI Hack v1.7

It is amazing Royale Battle Game in which you fight with your enemies by using different straightedges. This hack version of BGMI will give you amazing sound and graphics. Install now this latest hack in your Android device and enjoy this game. Keep in mind that uninstall the BGMI APK version before installing this hack version of BGMI.

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Hopefully this article is beneficial to you if you find any difficulty to download this game let us know in comments Thank You.

What’s New

  • Bugs removed
  • 100% working
  • Amazing features
  • Fast
  • Free of cost

Latest update BGMI MOD APK v1.7.0

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