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BGMI 1.9 Royale Pass M9 Release Date (March 2022): C2S5 Leaks, Rewards & New Features

Hi Guys, it’s me saying Hello to all of my lovely friends of Battlegrounds Mobile India players. I’m on for you managing good informative article about BGMI Royale Pass M9 release date, RP M9 Latest Leaks, News, Rewards, Price and BGMI Royal Pass M9 Price and Buying Guide. Indian Royale Battle market has hit the ratings after arrival of Battlegrounds Mobile India bgmi.com in July, 2021.

Battleground Mobile India Official has hit the new heights of Indian Royale gaming industry. Following this grooming factor, loyal players are increasing in Battle Game. Battlegrounds India game developer Krafton has also done great job while renewing some sort of great aspects of the game.

Here important thing is inclusion of Cycle System in the game with Seasons in it. A single cycle in BGMI has 6 Seasons in it. Every new season bgmi starts after end of the previous one and comprises on 2 months.

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What is Cycle System in BGMI

In the running month March 2022 current status of the Cycle System is that Cycle 2 is on the go with its Season 4 (C2S4). This season was started in January 2022 and will end in March 17th, 2022. This will end with Month 8 Bounty Legend Theme. Following the conclusive day of Season 4 here it will go for the new Season 5 switched on.

Battlegrounds Mobile India game developer Krafton has decided to change some sort of player’s attention grabbing tool. Earlier this BGMI has been included some changes in it on 18th of January 2022. These changes have followed 1.8 BGMI update.

BGMI 1.9 Royale Pass M9 Release Date (March 2022)

 After 17th of March 2022 season 4 will end and the start of season 5 will get on. Conclusive and successful end of the season 4 will follow new season C2S5 with BGMI update 1.9 latest Season. This will lead to start of BGMI C2S5 and Royale Pass M9.

BGMI C2S5 & Royale Pass M9 Latest Leaks March 2022

There has been many news updates about the release of season C2S5 and the launch of M9 Royale Pass in March 2022. According to some YouTuber’s channel updates like JK Crazy and Games King RJ, the running season 4 will end on 21st of the month March at 11:59 PM and the new season 5 will start on 22nd of the March 2022 at 05:00 AM in Indian Standard Time (IST).

However some big sites are giving updates that this season will end on 17th of the March and new season C2S5 will start on 18th of March with the latest BGMI 1.9 updates. Here keep in mind that New Royal Pass BGMI Realse Date of Royale Pass M9 will also get start on 18th of March.

Officially there has been no any news about Season 5 accurate date launch and BGMI Royale Pass M9 leaks by Krafton till now. So we may say as these above mentioned dates are the expected ones.

BGMI 1.9 update new Royale Pass M9 followed by Season 5 launch will have some new features, rewards and some important gameplay changes.

A famous content creator GK Afroz has made expected M9 RP details where theme of 1.9 updated BGMI will be Cosmic Clash.

BGMI C2S5 M9 Royale Pass Release Date

Some of the famous YouTubers have given its release date at 22nd of March 2022. However websites are telling the final launch date of M9 RP on 18th of March. There has not been officially announcement by Krafton for the launch date of new RP M9 till now.

Hopefully its launch will be on 18th on March as there has been the starting date of season 4 Royale Pass M8 on 18th of January 2022. It will contain some sort of heavy rewards and new feature of the BGMI C2S5 Royale Pass M9.

BGMI C2S5 Royal Pass M9 Rewards Details (March 2022)

Since its launch date is coming nearer, there has been lot more new and leaks of the rewards and latest features inclusion in Month 9 Royale Pass in Season 5.

  • Primeval Relic – Kar 98K
  • Ancient Heirloom – M249
  • Fluorescent Flash Set
  • Atlantic Tech Ornament
  • Atlantic Tech Helmet
  • Ancient Hairloom – PP19 Bizon Skin RP 9
  • Excalibur Umbra Set
  • Atlantic Tech Plane
  • Wukong Emote
  • Wukong Prime Set

How to Buy BGMI M9 Royal Pass & Its Price

Price tag for the simple Royale Pass which is Elite Royale Pass is 360 UC in game currency as it has been in previous ones too. However the price of Elite Plus Royale Pass is higher and it comprises 960 UC price to be spent.

Conclusive Words

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