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2 Best Tricks For Deadeye Title in BGMI: How to Get Sharpshooter Title in BGMI v1.8 2022?

Hello Everyone, I’m on for you again with new episode of latest updates of BGMI (PUBG Lite India). In today’s article our team kepalabergetarlive.org is ready to tell you something special about BGMI titles/PUBG Mobile India Titles to Achieve Easily in 2022. Latest updates of  Deadeye PUBG/Deadeye Title in BGMI will be available for you here in this post thoroughly. As being a expert player of BGMI in India, I’m always available to you for best of my knowledge of this game. It’s nice feeling for me to give you all covered details that how to get Deadeye / Sharpshooter Title in PUBG Mobile India in 2022?

As we all know that our country India has high level of population and has much importance in the world. World’s best marketers travel to us for launching their valuable contents and items. Similarly Krafton thought that there should be an Indian Version of PUBG as compared to PUBG Lite which is a global digital game. So Krafton banned the PUBG Mobile game. Following this ban they launched PUBG Mobile India with its changed name Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

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Deadeye Title in BGMI

Now let us start the topic Dead Eye Title in BGMI. Dead PUBG is not much easy title to achieve in Indian PUBG. But I’ll make sure easiest for you to get this title within no time. Actually it requires some sort of experience in playing BGMI. It has bit worth in the category of titles and one should be a good player of PUBG Lite already. But I’ll give you some special tips for Dead Eye PUBG Title to get easily.

Platinum Tier Mode of BGMI is important for this Sharpshooter PUBG/Deadeye PUBG title to get. As a BGMI player you have to play your game via Solo Classic Match BGMI (PUBG Mobile India). Do your best practice in BGMI to become best snipper. My lovely brothers and sisters of BGMI gaming, here the only matter is that you have to play more and more. This needs more games to play.

Platinum Tier In BGMI

Three Major Requirements For Sharpshooter /Deadeye Title

  • 3 consecutive head shots kills of your enemy.
  • All of your enemies should be killed within the radius of 50 meters.
  • All above works only if you play in Platinum Tier Achievement Mode with Solo Classic Match

Tips to Get Deadeye / Sharpshooter Title in BGMI

Deadeye PUBG title is an easy task for those who are best snipers in the world of BGMI. It’s because you have no chance against your enemy while killing them. You have to ensure consecutive kills through proper headshots. Mean while also remember that you must have Platinum Tier Achievement or above stages to make sure for Deadeye PUBG / Deadeye BGMI title.

I will share two best tricks to get Dead Eye PUBG title.

Trick 1

Trick 1 to get deadeye title in BGMI
  1. Make sure that you are at the range of 50 meters radius or less when targeting enemy. For this purpose you must use good map like Erangel or Miramar map in your Solo Classic Mode.
  2. Keep in mind that you have to hit proper headshots, so use good weapons and maps for this title.
  3. Now open your BGMI game and start Solo Classic Match.
  4. Land yourself where you feel save through Erangel map, Here Military Base and Novorepnoyo are the best places to get on for positioning yourself.
  5. On the other hand if you use Miramar map then you may take any of the location in the game.
  6. All of above measures definitely make sure your best safety while play this BGMI match.
  7. Scope weapon is a best locating microscope to locate accurately and kill.
  8. Your safety is top priority, so remain safe and wait for the moment you fire best headshot.

Perform your best to kill required 3 enemies in a row without missing any fire and win the Deadeye Title in BGMI.

Trick 2

When you search for “how to get deadeye title in PUBG Mobile (BGMI)” then it becomes easier using this magical trick. You have to be smart and must have good friends who are with you to become prey of your shots. Follow me in below section while I’m going to tell this in steps to make sure to understand in best way.

Sharpshooter Title in PUBG Mobile India
  1. Ready your 10 best BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) friends squad for playing PUBG Mobile India.
  2. 1st condition is that all of your 10 friends should have Platinum Tier Achievement or above
  3. Make sure that all of your friends including you open up Solo Classic Mode at the same time.
  4. Now choose the same location to drop all of you when playing this mode.
  5. If you are not finding the location then never be disheartened, try again and again.
  6. Remember that Solo Classic Mode of BGMI gives permission to 3 friends to be in the same location minimum.
  7. Hurrah! Now you are near to win. It’s time to kill rest of your friends through proper headshots and easily can be done as they will not fire to you.
  8. When you complete all of the above steps then you have won the Deadeye BGMI title

FAQs About Deadeye PUBG Title

Yes, there is condition for a player that hr/she should have Platinum Tier Achievement or above and to play Solo Classic Match.

Ans: It’s necessary for you to be at the distance of 50 meters radius or less to complete your title.

Miramar map is best one for any sort of location.However Erangel map is also good one if you use Military Base and Novorepnoyo location in the Solo Classic Mode.

This is all about How you can achieve deadeye title in BGMI (PUBG). For any query let us know in comments Thank You.

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