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Best 5 Tips & Tricks to Win Close Combat in BGMI v1.8 2022

BGMI and PUBG are famous Royale Battle games. BGMI is specially for Indian players. These two games demand high skills to combat with other players. In these two games, you have to play with other professional players without skills, you cannot get Chicken Dinner or win a match. Many players cannot survive in solo classic match and they regret later on.

You should have some skills to combat with other players in BGMI. Many players regret being killed in close range combat in solo classic match. They responsible some other objects of their failure in that specific match. Would they if they have excellent skills? Certainly No.

Some other players have special skills in small games like arena training and TDM. But when, they come here in Royale Battle game they cannot compete with their enemies who are fighting virtually against him in a battle field. This article is for those players who want to grow their skills in this game. We will share some tips in this article to win close combat in BGMI.

Before going into those special tricks and tips of 2022 check the sensitivity settings and controls of BGMI.

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Best 5 Tips to Win Close Range Combat in BGMI v1.8

Battle Royale game is developed for professional players, everyone cannot win a chicken dinner in this game. If you want to become professional and skillful player of BGMI, the read the tricks below How to win close combat in BGMI:

Aim on Head

If you want to be a pro player in BGMI and win a chicken dinner then always aim at the head of your enemy. If you have played a single game in BGMI, you can easily assume the crosshair at the head of your enemy. It is an amazing practice to win from the enemy. When you hit on head, the chances of killing enemy increases so, always try to target the head section of enemy. When you hit on the body, it takes time to die.

Aim on Head
  • Adjust the crosshair horizontally, and wait for enemy to come in that crosshair.
  • Keep the crosshair at the head level of your enemy so that you can easily target his head in no time.

Use Shotguns in Close Combat

The main mistake that many players do while combating in BGMI is they don’t use shotgun. Keep this thing in mind that you should also practice with shotgun. This gun is also as important as other. When you use shotgun in close combat in BGMI or PUBG it gives you huge advantage over your enemies because it requires only two shots to kill an enemy in close range.

  • Use shotguns in close range because it requires less shots to kill enemy
  • You can use this gun in just close range combat its damage decreases at high range combat with enemy
  • It uses less ammo while fighting with enemy

Use Scope and Cover Wisely in BGMI

An expert player of BGMI uses scope and cover wisely in a match. A scope is a red dot, holographic 1, 2X and 3X are recommended from our side for close range combat in BGMI. When the enemy is far at 100m then you can go with 6X, and 8X. Close range scope you have to use according to the position of your enemy.

Use Scope and Cover Wisely in BGMI
  • Use 2X and 3X scope when the enemy is about 50m away from you.
  • Use 6X and 8X when is at 100m position away from you.
  • If the enemy is very close to you then you should use hip fire.

So, these are tips about how you should use scope to combat better in BGMI.

Select Best Guns for Close Combat in Battleground Mobile India

In a close-range combat in BGMI two things matter a lot 1 your skills and sharpness in BGMI when you see enemy very close to you 2 The guns that you select for you defend in close combat in BGMI. We always recommend to choose those guns having high damage per second or you can also go with highest fire rating guns in BGMI.

  • The best gun for close combat in BGMI v1.8 is Groza.
  • If Groza is not available then you can go with M762 and other SMGs like Vector.

Disable Position of Enemy by Throwables

Sometimes during combat enemy hold a good position that is better than you. At that one player should use throwables to disable the golden position of his enemy. Throwables (grenades) will play important role to making enemy uncomfortable and he will change his position.

Disable Position of Enemy by Throwables

When enemy changes his position from one side to another at that a good player should show his skills to kill his enemy. To kill sharply and efficiently he should follow all tips mentioned in this article.


BGMI is a Royale Battle game in this game many Indian players take part who have high skills. Newbie players mostly regret being killed in close range combat in this game. For those we have shared 5 tips about How to combat with enemies in close range. Read the article above to learn about how you can compete with your enemy when he is close to you.

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Did you find these 5 tips of 2022 How to compete with enemy in close combat helping for you?

We provide all information related to the BGMI. If you have any query related to the BGMI let us know in comments Thank You.

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