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6 Easy Tricks of 2022 to Reach/Get Conqueror Frame PUBG and BGMI in One Day

Hi! Lovely Players of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) if you are in search to find something tricky about How to Reach Conqueror in One Day/3 Days, then you are in right place to get all of that you want. Players who are looking forward to push Conqueror and want to elaborate rank 500 details read this article carefully.

Indian PUBG version BGMI has become a game of hearts and making high ranks in gaming senses. All features in PUBG are included in this game and is developed by the same developer too. Indian young generation is taking this game as a career maker. It has same frame as it is in PUBG conqueror Frame HD PNG in People Unknown Battlegrounds.

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BGMI itself has many honorable titles and Conqueror BGMI is the top ranked title in this game. All the players have a dream to get Conqueror Title. Now the question is how to reach conqueror?

Everyone wished Conqueror Title named to his/her achievements. Team kepalagertarlive.org is here for you to solve your utmost problem to judge that how much points required for conqueror in PUBG.

Till now only few players have been able to name this title in their assets. However it is bit difficult rank to get. Here in this case it is important for a player to be in top 500 players of his/her region. Now the problem is how to beat millions of players to rank in top 500 of your area and how to reach conqueror.

Let’s come to the content you want for getting this rank just in few days. Just adopt few tricky strategies. Come and follow these easy tricks for honoring the rank you dreamed.

Best Tips To Reach Conqueror Rank in BGMI 2022

To reach Conqueror Rank, first task is to complete all missions daily in time. This type of pace makes easier to reach quickly. This season frame for Conqueror is PUBG Conqueror Frame HD PNG and is better than previous one.

These tips are more valuable apart from completing missions too. So, one can say as today’s session is full of best tricks to be on track.

1. Start Quick Rank Push in Initial Days:

As a player of PUBG and now in BGMI I will tell you that here start of the season for BGMI is initial 8 weeks. If you start rush in initial days then it becomes easier to hit the highest tiers in less time duration.

This pace makes quick response for you to make sure for achieving many tiers in less time. All above happens just because of less competition in initial stages.

2. Maximum Points Required For Conqueror:

Player should have Ace Tier before moving for Conqueror Rank. One can get one time Conqueror Rank in an Ace Tier (4200). Once they achieve this Ace Tier than gets into top 500 rankings of the region where he/she is in.

The best way is to play on Solo due to less points requirements and less competition.

3. Best Combination for Weapons Regarding Servers:

It’s an important factor to go through for consecutive wins and successful. Weapons are the basic pillars to push Conqueror Rank. This combination becomes different for different servers. These combination regarding servers are as follows;

Solo Server

In Solo Mode, the best combination is AKM with M416 and M416 with DP-28. However in close combat cases one can use SMG too.

Squad Server

In this case players in squad need to be perfect regarding their weapons combination. There should be two best assaulter and one best sniper rifle user to make sure good battle.

Duo Server

In duo rank push here the case is to get on with one sniper rifle and one assault rifle. You can put a best fight with these two different rifles. One can put a great fight with in close combat as well as long range combat.

PUBG Conqueror Frame HD PNG

4. Importance of Survivals and Kills:

When you are going to take task like Conqueror rank then the rate of kills and survivals has much importance.

Here average survival time for players to get plus tier is round about twenty minutes. However in this case one should have kill almost 4 to 8 kills in a match and contain this pace onward continuously. This makes better chances to get the Conqueror Title as much quickly as possible.

5. Carry Enough Utility For Best Health:

Once you took decision to play BGMI and rush for Conqueror then keep in mind that here chicken dinner title is bit hard to play and win.

In this case a player needs much utility for more survivals and to be in game for completing tasks up to end. These utilities can be smoke grenades, healing times and frag grenades.

BGMI Conqueror Frame

6. Vehicle’s Role:

All of the BGMI players know that how much importance is for a vehicle in the game for better transportation. In the battleground a player has to play all through the places in the field and his/her rotation has much importance.

Player needs best rotation policy all the time and here best vehicles help to move on with proper in time placements and location changes. I will recommend Dacia or UAZ vehicle for you to get them as quickly as you can before starting this task.

Buzzing Words

Our team is working with its utmost struggles and best research for you after long practicals to give best. This is the fully practical research based article to make sure for better achievements for you to get Conqueror Title in no time.

We are hopeful that it will be a valuable article for. However your suggestion and comments are encouraging factors for us. Put your experience after implementation of these 6 Easy Tricks of 2022 to Reach/Get Conqueror Frame PUBG and BGMI in One Day.

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This is all about what we have offered for you to be perfect player in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Best of luck all BGMI players. I Thank YOU.

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