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Best 4 Tips to Win in Jujustu Kaisen Game Mode (BGMI)

Battleground Mobile India and PUBG are two famous multiplayer Royale Battle Games in the world. Both these two games arrange different events with different brands and develop theme modes to increase the popularity of brands. Recently collaboration of BGMI and Jujustu Kaisen is going on which is amazing.

This event demands joining the game daily. For experience players of BR, this does not matter more but for newbies it is not easy. They need to come with some strategies to win “Chicken Dinner”. It will also help such newbie players to increase their grip on such BR games.

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How to Win Jujustu Kaisen Themed Mode Matches?

If you’re interested in this game and want to play this themed mod to win matches in this Royale Battle game. Then follow some tricks given below to win Chicken Dinner and matches in BGMI:

Recall Feature

In the two events Jujustu Kaisen and Spider Man No Way Home, the incorporation of recall feature has seen in BGMI. This feature works in team for example you have different teammates and you got killed in the match. You have a chance to get back in that match by using this feature. On the basis of survival of your teammate you can get back in that match “How amazing is that”?

Use this feature and try to win “Chicken Dinner” in BGMI. It will help you to understand the strategies of your competitors and you will get experience.

Cursed Object Crates

This feature is I think amazing addition in this new Jujustu Kaisen event. Cursed Crates increase the popularity of this game and at the same time develop interest in players.

Usually, players flock at these crates to get all loot present in these crates. These crates are present at different spots in the two maps (Livik, Erangel) of Jujust Kaisen themed mode of BGMI. As these crates contain huge loot and so these crates help players to survive in the game and their chance to win Chicken Dinner increases.

Properly Use Cursed Corpse Grenades

At no.3 the best feature of this event is “Cursed Corpse Gernades”. This works when you throw Cursed Corpse Gernades on opponent as a result “Monster” comes out which starts killing your enemy with you.

cursed crate location in Erangel BGMI

This monster helps you to fight with your enemies, but when this monster is defeated, the players get rewards and supplies. As the monster that pops up as result of cursed corpse Grendes fight with one squad at right time. Make sure that area is safe and secure and some other squad does not interfere and take advantage of situation.

Always Stick to the Squad

It has been seen that sticking to the squad is beneficial in BGMI and PUBG Solo classic matches. This feature also works well in Jujust Kaisen themed mode. The squad that sticks to each other perform well in the match because every team mate tries to defend is partner.

Good team communication and responsibility of players can uplift the chances of winning upto tenfold as compared to individual game play. Start with a specific plan as a team and then implement the plan as a team it will work fine for all of you. But in case things go wrong then, immediately work on the basis of second plan and do the things as assign to each player in the squad. By doing this the chances of winning the chicken dinner in Jujustu Themed mode will increase.

Final Verdict

BGMI is famous game as PUBG among Royale Battle Games. Different brands make collaboration with BGMI to promote themselves. That is why different theme modes come at different occasions. Jujustu Kaisen is one of those events, in this theme mode event various features are introduced in the BGMI. For a newbie player this mode is best because it has recall feature. If you want to know about the 4 best tricks and tips to win Jujustu Kaisen theme mode then read the article above.

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This is all about the Jujustu Kaisen theme mode and tips to win this mode. We are fan blog of Battleground Mobile India and provide information about it. If you have any query related this game let us know in comments area below Thank You.

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